Personality Development and Soft Skills

Why should students and professionals join CCRP™ for personality development and soft skills training?

Most of the time, a person fails in a job not because of insufficient subject knowledge, but for his inability to apply the knowledge effectively at the workplace.

Employers know that even if one does not have the requisite subject knowledge, it can always be acquired through adequate training- provided the person has the right competency-mix to learn. Personality and soft skills are two important competencies an employer will look for in a candidate and together, they can make that ‘make-or-break’ difference during job interviews.

My First Boss has devised a program named the Certified Corporate Ready Professional (CCRP™) where its team of experienced professionals will inculcate into the young minds these critical competencies required to enter the corporate world and to help them perform admirably while being on the job as well.

In addition to the requisite technical skills, employers are looking to find out whether a candidate possesses a personality fit for the corporate environment or not. CCRP aims to handhold young professionals and shape them in this regard so that they become ready to excel in a corporate environment.

Moreover, this program will help the participants in developing soft skills such as impression management, time management, workload management, office etiquettes, teamwork, rapport building and so on. Do have in mind that there is nothing ‘soft’ about these soft skills and a meticulous approach is required to develop and align them as per the needs of specific jobs.

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  • CCRP is certainly going to redefine the future of the hiring industry. Now it’s up to the students and professionals to harness their skills and be ready for the ever-changing professional needs.
    Come, join CCRP and boost your employability to new heights!
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