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Behavioural Analysis

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Everyone has got immense potential in him/her. Similarly different jobs need different potential or skill. The potential / skill in a person and the skill required in a job can be identified. When the potential /skill in a person is synchronized with the skills required in the job he is working on, she/he performs the best.

A person, as s/he grows from childhood, picks up information through different senses by hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting etc.. These information are stored in the brain and based on these information the person starts thinking. This thinking motivates a person for action and she/he does his/her action by the way s/he thinks.

At times, when the same thinking repeats the same action repeats and that becomes his/her habit and attitude. The patterns are formed based on how each person thinks. The patterns are also inherited from the parents or grandparents through genes. The resultant thought patterns put together by the inherited patterns and developed patterns over the period of time controls the complete habits and attitudes of the person.

The report explains the Personality Behaviour of the individual. Everyone will have some high scores and some low scores as some of the patterns are opposite in nature and they cannot co-exist in the same degree. The characteristics included are descriptions of core behaviour in personality which the individual exhibits in general. They may or may not have a direct impact on the specific job to be considered.

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