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After completing 10th std, pre-university, or even Degree, the students and the parents are confused about which academic stream would be the best suited to succeed and excel

There are tools that do the career analysis based on subject knowledge  / numerical ability and  English knowledge of a person. However, most of the time a person fails in a job not due to subject knowledge, but the inability to apply the knowledge in the work place. If anyone do not have the subject knowledge it can be acquired through subject training, provided the person has the right competency to learn. However, getting the right behavioural competency to do a job is not easy.

Take an example of an IAS officer. S/he has proved that s/he is very good in academics and aptitude that is why that person could successfully complete IAS. However, in the real work scenario, s/he may have problem with behavioural competencies.

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The interest of a student can vary from time to time based on many external factors and cannot depend on that. By seeing TV ads etc., a student may develop an interest to become a pilot due to the pompous life style and chance to travel around the world. However, what matters is, whether s/he has the competencies to become a pilot.

ComPAS Now measures the internal reality of a student through a large number of traits, combine some of the traits to form the competencies in the right mix, check these competencies against thousands of pre-defined job profile competencies based on the industry requirements and bring out the best career options and higher study choices.

Job options are printed based on the competencies exhibited by the student. And then, based on the family back ground and situation, together with the help of a career counselor, students and parents can arrive at the right career choice.


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