Co-Scholastic Skill Assessment

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It is very difficult for teachers to observe allthe students and measure 50 + co-scholastic skills of all the students. It can also be very subjective.

The report explains the Co-Scholastic skills as prescribed by CBSE. There are 50 skills under three major sections (Thinking skills, Social Skills and Emotional Skills.) Each major section is further divided into subsections / competencies. Thinking skill is divided into Self Awareness, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Critical Thinkingand Creative Thinking. Social Skill is divided into Interpersonal Skill, Effective Communication and Empathy. Emotional Skill is divided into Managing Emotions and Dealing With Stress. This is done by identifying and assessing the personal traits & competencies of an individual by measuring the thought patterns in various aspects. Apart from the Co-scholastic norms, the tool goes further into the top competencies of a student, Strengths in General, Tips for Enhancing Efficiency, Suggested Training and VAKAnalysis.

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These analysis will help:

** The school management: to get the co-scholastic score scientifically measured and merge it with the observation from the teacher about a student and use it for development & training and to fill up the co-scholastic mark card.

** Teachers: to understand how well they can take care of the students and communicate to them effectively.

** Parents: to understand in what direction the child is moving and plan the career options.

** Students:to understand their best learning styles, the strengths and areas for improvement.

** Objective Assessment. A teacher can be subjective in assessment


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