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As we all know, effective and focused training can be imparted only if we know exactly the “Training needs of a person”. A psychological analysis is a must for that. ‘Giving some training” is the practice most of the time. That will not produce the desired output.

For example, Suppose we need to develop ‘Problem solving skill’ . It is important to look at what are the factors go into problem solving skill.

Problem focus: First of all we must be able to understand the problem and the root cause of the problems so that it can be solved.

Attention to Details: In order to analyse the root cause and reasons for the problems, we must go into the details of the problems. A person with an overview / big picture skill may not be able to go into details and analyse various symptoms.

Methodical: In order to analyse and solve the problem one must have a systematic approach.

Analytical skill: Analyse the root case, find suitable solutions and a methodology to prevent the same from happening again.

Differential thinking: It is also important to have multiple solutions to a problem and choose the best out of many.

The above skills may vary from person to person. Some may not have problem focus while the other one may not have methodical approach and so on. So if you need to develop problem solving skill, the first step is to understand what skill he is lacking what is mentioned above. Otherwise, if we put everyone in the same class room and give the same training to everyone, it may not be effective and the result will not be 100%. A psychological analysis is a must for that.

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