International Executive Training Academy

Your Invitation:

Have you ever thought about living a life with total time and financial freedom to do whatever you want, when you want? Well I did …..

For most of my 25 years working in the corporate world and then for the last 5 years owning a number of my own businesses I wished that I had time and financial freedom. Then things changed….

Over the last 12 months I have been sharing my knowledge and experiences of living and working around the world from over the last 30 years, to help the lives of other people.

On the 12th April 2019, my life was changed for ever. After 2 previous unsuccessful attempts I finally launched a successful online training course sharing my knowledge and experience from living and working around the world in great places like, New York, Los Angeles, Australia, Hong Kong, Manila, India and London.

Today, people are joining my online course daily. You will find more details on my website ( from all of the 5 continents around the world. Not only am I impacting

the lives of hundreds of other people and helping them move forward in their lives, but for the first time in my 30 year career I have found time and financial freedom.

Looking back, the one thing I missed, which if starting over again I would do immediately, is invest in a Coach, preferably one who had taken the same journey previously.

The Solution:

I want to be your trainer and coach. This is why I started my International Executive Academy membership program which is called ‘International Executive Monthly’.

Every month, I go LIVE in to my members’ online group and teach a new framework to help you to develop ‘how to do’ strategies I personally learnt that will help you fast track yourself out of the daily 'grind' of the 9-5 life - Living just to pay the bills – This I call the Matrix.

The focus is always getting you to live your best life. I also answer your questions, give away gifts, and do coaching.

In addition I go LIVE every week in to my members’ online group answering your questions in AMA (Ask me anything)

Over the last 30 years of living and working around the world, I have seen so many people frustrated working in the 9-5 traditional jobs wishing there was an alternative to live life, with less stress, have time freedom and not have to trade their valuable time for dollars. I was in that situation myself 7 years ago.

Over the last 7 years I have discovered there are many other ways to the traditional job to achieve your hopes, dreams and aspirations..

Why are so many people struggling in their job and life STRUGGLING to break through the noise and MAKE REAL MONEY when the OPPORTUNITY and path are so clear?

Obviously, there's a TON of people CRUSHING IT. They're the new entrepreneurs who make serious money with their own business.

But VERY FEW people know how to do it well. Most don't even know how to START.

So they spend years figuring out what I could have taught them in days and weeks.

Please allow me to be speak directly to you:

Today the World is changing at a rapid rate, driven mainly by technology, the internet and social media. As a result many people are feeling overwhelmed and undervalued. According to a recent Gallup poll of two million people in jobs today, 85% percent of workers worldwide admit to hating their jobs when surveyed anonymously. Many people are looking for alternative ways to a live a more enjoyable life. This is particularly so today and the early signs across the major world economies is that the year ahead could be a very challenging year.

One of the ways through the uncertainty is to take something you are passionate about and start up your own business or set up a side project to earn revenue and at the same time impact the lives of other people. According to Cisco systems over the next two years there will be a 40% increase in the number of people using high speed internet. This equates to 3 million new people coming on line every day. A percentage of these people want to hear your story and message and what it is you can do to help them and be prepared to pay you for the value you can provide to them. We have never had this scale of opportunity ever before

I would like to help you get through the over whelm and get clarity so that you can face life with confidence. Over the last two years I have taken all my knowledge, experience and perspective over the last 30 years of living and working around the world and put it into my new monthly training course to help YOU take the idea that you are passionate about and start up your own business or set up a side project to earn revenue.

Over the last 30 years I have started up over 20 businesses in 11 countries around the world.

When I started my business career over 30 years ago I wasn’t an instant success and like many of you I struggled always trading my valuable time for the hard earned $ dollar. I worked in the corporate world for 25 years living and working around the world and then afterwards in a variety of my own businesses to varying degrees of success and some failures. And I have to say some of the failures were discouraging that cost me a lot of lost time, energy and money. Some of these failures were probably the toughest times in my life but they all came with great lessons that I learnt from and kept going. Then I had a breakthrough. I made the decision to step into a higher level of leadership. I invested in myself with personal development and I made the decision to invest in a coach….Not just any coach. I invested in a coach who I believe is the best in the world at what he does.

And that’s when everything changed for me. And the same thing can happen for you. When you make the decision to develop your skills, your insights, your mindset and your strategies and become world class at being a Young Entrepreneur….when you do that, success will come like a freight train.

Now it’s not going to happen immediately. It took me 3 years to get to a million dollars in earnings after that big decision. But if you focus on getting learning new skills and applying them and getting better every single day I promise you its coming. You just need to lock in the right mentors and find the ultimate resources.

In my International Executive Academy membership program which is called ‘International Executive Monthly’, I go ‘LIVE’ every month in to my members private online group and give additional on-going training on a new topic or a new piece of research that I have created and then I do Q&A and actual live interactive coaching with people and give away gifts for the best questions asked. That’s called ‘International Executive Monthly’ where I do a deep dive training program every month.

Every month I teach everything from developing a strong mindset to deal with the adventure of the ‘entrepreneurs life’ and ‘how to’ take an idea and start a business, to building a team and network, to marketing and sales, finance and investment, social media, and so much more. The focus is always on your success.

When you make the decision to invest in yourself and your future you are going to get a 30+ year head start on your life and (business) and leadership development as I personally coach and train you and share the tools and lessons I learnt along the way. You will have access to my extensive library of content that covers everything from ‘how to’ get started, to building a network and team, marketing and sales, finance and investment, social media, mindset and so much more.

What you will get with my Membership Program:

In addition to the monthly live training, Q&A and coaching you will get a 30+ year head start on your life and (business) and leadership development as I personally coach and train you and share the tools and lessons I learnt along the way. You will also get the following:

  • * Download work sheets
  • * Transcript summary of the training
  • * No tie in contract
  • * Founding Member status and privileges
  • * Video Recordings of the monthly training sessions
  • * Prizes for the best questions asked in the monthly ‘live’ training sessions
  • * Support - You will not be alone on this journey. You will have my training and the support of my team and our community.

This is all part of the interaction and training you won’t find anywhere else in the world. You will be welcomed into the International Executive Academy community, a unified group of people who are serious about changing their lives and the lives of others. This community is all about performance, results, production, breakthroughs and most of all helping each other succeed.

So if you are struggling in your life, business, job, or college and you are reaching for something more or you are wondering if being an Entrepreneur can actually work for you, I promise you it can. But for things to change, you need to change. For things to get better you need to get better.

If you are ready to take your young entrepreneurial life to the next level. If you are ready to step up, unlock your future and become the leader you were born to be then I want to be your mentor and coach.

Join me in the International Executive Academy community by enrolling in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy membership program today. Just go to and get ready for greatness.

The Outcome and Transformation:

Close your eyes for a moment and think how it would be in a year from now feeling very positive in yourself, doing something meaningful working on a great project that you are excited about getting up for everyday and impacts the lives of other people. You enjoy the people you work with and you have time freedom, have fun and maybe even earn residual income and no longer trading your time for dollars. Living with a real sense of purpose, doing things they enjoy, helping people and working from anywhere in the world, happy and fulfilled. I call it ‘Living the Life You Imagine’

Just think if you got one idea from my training course how it could transform your life

The aim and goal of the course is make people aware of the alternative opportunities available outside the

traditional job of earning linear income trading time for dollars. The course will help you develop your idea along with the 'how to' strategies, tools and techniques needed to successfully start up a business to earn revenue/

The benefit it to you is that will no longer have to find which things work and those that don’t. You will be able to fast track the process to having your own business or side project earning revenue because you won’t have to go through the time and cost of learning how to do it like I did over 30 years


If you sign up before 15th August 2019 you will become a ‘founding member’ and the investment cost will only be $1 for the first 30 days and thereafter $9/month for the life of your membership. If you sign up after the 15th August 2019 the investment cost will be $29/month. In either case there is no tie in contract. You can leave at any time

You are going love this ongoing training and Q&A sessions. I would love for you to be part of my International Executive Academy Membership Program ‘International Executive Training Monthly.


In addition there will be 6 Bonuses for those that join before 15th August 2019 as follows;

  • Price Discount 70%, so instead of standard membership of $29/month, you pay $1 for the first 30 days and then $9/month thereafter for the lifetime of your continued membership.
  • Private Members only Facebook Group to share ideas and issues with a community of like-minded people and ask Q&A.
  • In addition to the monthly training there will be further 'live' group Q&A every month (Value $12,000 over the year). Special prizes will be part of the Q&A.
  • One Page Social Media and Online Strategy chart.
  • Free Access to ‘Case Unpacked’ - My monthly interviews with leading high performing athletes (Olympians etc), Business people, Entertainers and more with their story of how they achieved success and their advice on the skills needed to succeed at the highest level when starting a new venture. (Value $20,000/annum)
  • 100% guarantee. Full refund if you are not satisfied for any reason within 30 days of joining the course

How to Join:

The cost to join is $1 for the first 30 days and then $9/month thereafter. There is no tie in contract. If you join before midnight on 15th August you get all 6 bonuses mentioned above valued at over $30,000.

Just watch the video at the beginning of this page. And read all the details above. But whatever you do, do yourself this extraordinary favour today: Click on the Button on this page and SIGNUP. If you don't love it, cancel anytime.