All You Need To Know About Online Behavior Analysis


Post date: 2019-06-21 00:23:33

Are you up for the new trends happening in the field of recruitment?

Successful organizations look for behavioral competencies in a candidate, more than technical skills/academic qualifications these days. Because, they have acknowledged the fact that subject knowledge/technical skills can always be acquired through adequate training- provided a person has the right mix of behavioral competency in him. The behavioral patterns demonstrated by candidates are of utmost interest for the recruiters as these patterns can reveal the inherent habits, attitudes, skills and competencies of the candidates with precision. Therefore, employers rely on the method of behavioral analysis for selecting the most suitable candidates for job positions.

NLP- the blessing for behavioral analysis techniques

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a modern technique of applied behavioral analysis that has revolutionized the field of behavioral psychology of late. It is our nervous system through which our brain receives and processes information. Millions of tiny particles in our brain, called ‘neurons’, accomplish this task by  forming thought patterns and these patterns dictate how an individual reacts towards such information. These behavioral patterns can influence the capabilities, skills-sets, attitudes, preferences, beliefs and values in an individual.

With the techniques of NLP, the mental programming inside a human brain can be studied and modified/changed, if required, to align to the specific job requirements of the employers.


ComPAS (Competency Profiling and Assessment Services), is an online behavior analysis test by MY First Boss that uses NLP to assess 28 basic competencies in an individual. These are then combined to create 140+ ‘Evolved Competencies’, which, in turn, are mapped to the required job profiles posted by organizations.

In this way, ComPAS can assist organizations to assess the desired employability skills in candidates. The employers can identify and pick up the right candidates for the right jobs and thereby can increase the productivity of their workforce.

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