Are You Looking For A Job Opportunity During Covid-19? Skills You Must Have Considered!


Post date: 2020-06-22 04:42:43


Forward Planning Skills or Organizational Skills

How to improve organizational skills?

Benefits of adaptability skill in the workplace


Critical thinking and Problem-solving skill

Communication skill

Final Thought


Are you looking for a job amid this COVID-19 situation? Are you not sure about which soft skill you should highlight in your resume and which not? We all know the global economy is in a declination mode. In this scenario, if you are looking for a job as a fresher, or want to switch your present job, you must sharpen the following skills with you to get a better opportunity.

Forward Planning Skills or Organizational Skills:

Those days are gone when you have to work as per your supervisor's decision or guidelines. Today, recruiters want someone who can develop unique ideas to boost the organization's overall growth. To deal with global economic declination and recessions as an employee, you are expected to planning skills that include crisis management too.

How to improve Forward Planning/ Organizational skills?

Focus on the troublesome situation at hand. Do not panic over a solution. Cooldown and think about the entire situation thoroughly.  Once you address the real issues, you will be able to come up with a solution more efficiently.

Act promptly, not in haste. Organizational skills will help you respond to a problem in much lesser time. You must provide the perspective of a potential problem and able to address the concern to avoid any chaos.

Be flexible. The way you used to address problems a year back cannot be the ultimate way to deal with the same issue. You have to adopt new skills and be flexible with changes.

Avoid distractions. Avoiding distractions will help to manage your time well. For example, if you have open the email server open for the entire day, the chances of getting distracted with each ping will increase.

Without having crisis management skills, you will not be able to handle the immense stress of a changed working atmosphere. The inability to make a quick decision due to a lack of planning skills will limit potential damage.


The pandemic situation enhances the anxieties and stress among the freshers and current employees. Most of them are concerned about not getting a job or losing the one they have. Conventional daily responsibility and work dynamics have completely changed and become uncertain. So, to cope with this changed situation, and to operate smoothly, you must have adaptability as an in-demand skill.

Benefits of adaptability skill in the workplace;

There are a lot of benefits to be an adaptable employee in the workplace. Here are some benefits of this skill, whether you already have the adaptability skills or are working to be;

You will be a better leader.

You are equipped to deal with more challenges.

You are more flexible to switch responsibilities

You are a more relevant and valuable employee.

Though it's a needed skill all the time, it has become almost the required skill in the job market.

Amid this pandemic, recruiters need people who can work from the office as well as from home with equal efficiency. If you can adopt new routines and the technology and software required to work from home, your chances of getting hired can be readily increased.

To be the adaptable first thing you have to do is get out of your comfort zone. And get flexible with different tasks and methods. In this changed scenario, you have to able to perform a specific task in different ways.

Critical thinking and Problem-solving skill

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are one of the high demand skills amid COVID-19. How you analyze dimensions of a single problem, how you can use technology to resolve the issue, are the most common concern of today's employers.

In a recent survey, around 30% of recruiters have stated that job candidates who have an interview in current times lack problem-solving and critical thinking ability. So, if you have a good grip on these skills, it is easy for you to get a job.

Critical thinking is the systematic and deliberate processing of information to understand things better and to make better decisions.

How to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills?

To critically think over information, you must have to go through these four processes;





To improve this skill within you, you have to follow the steps such as approaching the Problem in a solution funding way and understanding the different elements of that Problem. Steps to critical thinking as it relates to Problem-solving skill:

Identify the Problem.

Analyze the Problem by looking at it from a different angle.

Come up with several possible solutions

Find out which solution fits best.

Communication skill

Communication skills, is no doubt all-time in-demand skills for a smooth workflow, especially when working with a big team. The way you express yourself and your ideas help to build an idea about your personality. Sharing your thoughts ables you to build better relations within the teammate and helps to make you successful in your career.

Communication skills do not only mean talking in English, but you have to be able to express your views and ideas efficiently in any language of your preference. You have to be able to communicate all your thoughts with your teammates in a Skype or video meeting. To cope up with work from home culture, you have to be able to maintain a dialogue with your supervisor or colleagues online. And it would be best if you were technically sound to the digital tools available that make effective communication easy. Few companies have already been reported that they are using Whatsapp chat rooms and Slack. As job seekers, you are expected to be comfortable communicating over different communication tools to get a job amid this pandemic. To master in this high-speed world demand, you have to learn in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, all these four skills.

Final Thought

Our office environment is changing, so as our work style. To fit in these change atmospheres, you must have sharpened these skills to get a place in your dream organization. But keep it in mind, during this tough time, while showcasing these additional skills, you still required the actual ability to get fit for a specific job.