Better Interview Bootcamp


Post date: 2020-06-19 03:03:37

As a job seeker, you need to get prepared for your interview. You need to research everything about the company, about the industry. You have to get prepared for all the expected tough questions. To be clam, and to combat nervousness on the date of the interview, you have to deal with the psychology to impress your interviewer, potential HR managers, and recruiters. As you have already known, most of the job posts are not advertised publicly. You have to go some extra miles to find your space in your dream office.

Or maybe your situation is a bit different. You are in the initial phase of your business, and you are trying to reach each network to get connected with a proper client.

But if after all the efforts still you can’t manage to click the interview, then maybe you need to put some extra effect. In this article, we will discuss the trick.


Time to play the "Consultant Card":

Have you sent a hundred emails and didn’t get a reply yet? Your network, meetups, conference nothing works for you? But you can end up with the highest paying clients just by adopting a single technique.

Try to go through the website, social media handles, online presence to get a better insight into your potential recruiter or client.

While doing so, keep focusing on these two things;

 Identify the area of common interest or area where you may find an opportunity

Come up with a solution to the specific area of interest and also measure the impact of the solution you are coming with.

After going through these points, draft a proposal along with the solution and make sure to highlight a few things:

What was the present scenario?

How you can implement a solution to this problem

And how your proposed solution can fix the issue.

A detailed implementation plan that includes all the aspects starting from cost, required time and tools, etc.

And then send it to your client or HR. This technique is proven to be effective enough in your interview process. And it is equally effective to give you back 80% of your revenue.

This is the trickiest part we are going to discuss, Playing Consultant Card.

This trick is super helpful to get a job without any referral. If this strategy is new to you, go through this article to masters this technique.


So, you have to identify and focus on the specific problem your potential recruiter or next client is facing. And believe us, there are several ways to do so;

Speak To an Employee at the Company

Try your network here to get a better insight into the company. If you already have few connections within that organization, then reach out and spend some time with them to chat about the real issues. If you don’t have it, then use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter to get a connection. Remember that your goal is to identify the specific problem that your potential office or department is facing now. Go for lunch together, or for a coffee. As nothing is better than an in-person meeting.

Have Each Detail About The Company’s Latest Investor Meeting

All of the publicly traded companies, irrespective of which industry they belong have meetings to discuss their current issues and future of the company. And to get an insight into these quarterly or annual meetings, just Google their name. And all the important notes will pop up.

Go through each of the notes and look for every area that is related to the future road map of the company. This will make your chance stronger.

Try Reading Finance-Related Blogs:

Investors usually up to date each issue that their company is facing, as in most of the cases they are obsessed with every up and down of the stock. And to get these finance-related blogs you can try searching Just give the company name as input on this website and check out the news session.

In this way also you will end up with a better understanding of the problem the company is facing. Once you get the point, research on the topic to frame the potential solutions.


When You Should Try This Consultant Card?

After getting everything about how to play the Consultant Card, It’s time to know when to use it. In our opinion, the best time to use this is;

At The End of Your Interview

Whenever you are done with the question-answer series, your interviewer may ask you whether you have something to ask.

This time you can play the card. Use this opportunity to showcase that you have research on the company, you have a good knowledge of the present state of the company. And more importantly, you have some ideas that may cause a big impact.

This may create a heaven and hell difference for you. This small step will impress your interviewer like anything.

If the Issue Come up During the Interview

At times, interviewers discuss some issues about the revenue, future goals of the companies or obstructions they are currently facing in that company. Or you can even prompt the issue during your QnA session.

Why it is So Important?

This trick is important like nothing because of some several reasons;

It shows your clear interest in that company. It shows that you have spent your time to research about them and their issues. It shows that you know how this industry runs. And most of the job seekers are not even prepared for that. All together using consultant cards, you make yourself a better position to stand out the crowd. And your potential recruiters end up with the thought that if they hire you, you may add some value to your post.

So, next time when you are going to face an interview, don’t forget to use this powerful trick.

Good luck!