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Done With College! And Don’t Know How To Start A Job Search?


Post date: 2020-06-27 22:57:35


Why do fresh grad students face problems?

What to do to deal with it?

Do market research

Don’t get addicted  to the phone, use a computer

Focus on Networking

How To Stay Motivated When Nothing Goes Right In Your Job Search




Searching and constantly applying for a job after you have completed your graduation is hectic. Only several people can secure the position for the first job they have applied. That truly indicates you have to juggle through numerous recruitment processes and maintain a balance in your life as you are going to face at least a few rejections.

Why do fresh grad students face problems?

Most of the fresh grads do the common mistakes when it comes to search for jobs. And that makes the whole scenario much more difficult. We have covered the most common mistakes done by fresher’s like a job seeker;

Most of the fresh grad student doesn’t know what to look for.

Coming with poor preparation.

Fresh grads are not proactive enough.

They have a lack of experience.

Don’t have an idea about how to search for a job or employers.

What to do to deal with it?

In our professional life, we all made mistakes. When you are in the very starting position of your professional career, you can easily get back to track and land into your dream position. We have enlisted a few important tips that will be going to boost your chances of getting hired.

Do market research:

As you are done with your degree, you must have some career goals. Next, you have to do some market research about the industry. Make a complete list of hiring companies. Next important thing is to find out whether you have that right skill in you or not. For that list down at least 10 descriptions of your choice and highlight all the phrases and keywords that are most repeated. Then while writing your resume or cover letter, highlight these skills.

Don’t get addicted  to the phone, use a computer:

When you are dealing with job-related searches or communication it is better to use a laptop or desktop instead of a phone. Because whenever you are using a small screen, the chances of doing some error become high. And if the application form or the resume is full of fallacy or silly mistakes, it may convey the message to the recruiter, that you are not enough serious for this post.

As a college graduate, it is expected from your side, that you are proficient using Microsoft word, along with formal formatting. To get the best result, remove all the typos, and settle down the grammatical error.

Focus on Networking:

Networking is no doubt one important part of the job search. But keep it in mind that networking does not mean to ask for jobs directly. Likely, your networking group is not your potential recruiter. But they will guide and monitor you through the hectic path. Through effective networking, you will be able to exchange information, learn, and grow. It will help you to develop and sharpen up your skills both soft and hard.

And to create an effective network strategy you have to meet prospective mentors, clients, and partners to foster your career development. It’s good to have old friends or hostel mates in your social handles. But it's pretty rare when we talk about jobs with old friends. Your social profile, mainly LinkedIn must have people in the area of your work interest. That also creates a positive vibe about you, when someone looks for your credentials on your social media page.

To do effective network you can follow the steps;

Meet new people through your connection.

Join community groups or job oriented groups related to your field.

It's good to have a business card with you. but as a fresher, you can create a personal card for you, as you are still not employed.

Ask meaningful questions rather than showcasing your skills or achievements.

Practice networking conversations.

Be aware of body language.


Consider doing Internship

In today's competitive world, it is not expected to get a job without any work experience. Hiring a person is expensive, and no company will want to waste that money by hiring a naive. And also, to cut down the budget, most of the companies prefer to offer the intern position, where your work responsibility is less with lesser wages. This is the best way for companies to grab their next batch, top-notch employees without taking any big risk.

You can start taking an internship when you are in the first year of your college. To do so, you can either take the help of the college’s career-planning division or directly apply related companies. And if you are on the right track, you may get a high salary too, as some of the fields pay their interns pretty well who is in the final year of their graduation. To do a successful internship, you can follow these tips;

Be prepared for responsibilities

Don’t be late.

Dress the part.

Meet and interact with as many people at the company as possible.

Don’t be idle. When the assignment is over, ask for the next task by yourself.

Ask questions, but at the appropriate time.

Avoid any kind of office gossip and negative talk.

Be thankful.

How To Stay Motivated When Nothing Goes Right In Your Job Search

We all know how heartbreaking is it when you are not able to find a job after all meaningful efforts. But don’t lose hope. The following tips will help you to boost up as you are looking for your dream position;

Keep it in perspective.

Manage and organize your time.

Join a job search group

Read success stories

Good Luck!