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Effective Ways To Network During Crisis


Post date: 2020-05-14 07:28:02

Effective Ways to Network During Crisis


What is networking?

Why Networking is Important?

How to be an effective and unique networker?

Organize a Virtual meet-up/Events:

Write an article featuring one of your connection’s expertise:

Post video with a quick tip and questions:

Post video with a quick tip and questions:



What is networking?

Networking is certainly not about begging for favors from people and not about exchanging information with others. The truth behind networking directly implies that networking is not for selfish; whereas it’s all about serving others, it’s about earning respect and trust. Networking is all about initiating and fostering long-term, mutually advantageous relationships with the people you meet. To be a successful networker you don’t have to attend every networking event at your office, or don’t have to join numerous professional associations. Being attentive in public you may find potential networking chances everyday around you. Simple connections become vital during the time of crisis. To stay employable for the long term, you must expand your network.


Why Networking is Important?

The large networking channels created over time by many individuals helps them to get success in their career. But the main concern is with whom you should network with and you don’t have to network with everyone. You have to find out the relevance of your network to your career and how you can be benefited from their knowledge. It’s important during the crisis as when the time comes, networking will provide an ultimate opportunity to collaborate. At times this could be someone else to help you in your career or vice versa.


Here are a few reasons why networking is an integral part if you truly want to build a successful career.

An avenue to exchange ideas that opens up new opportunities.

It makes you noticeable.

Improves your creative intellect.

Growth in status as well as self-confidence.

Support from high profiles of individuals.

It is not an overstatement that networking works incredibility during a job search. The right reference will enhance your chance ten times. And whenever you are thinking of shifting your career field, your professional network will guide you to find a connection in the industry you want to be a part of.

So, you need to spend time to build a meaningful professional circle, so whenever you are in need, you may find a valuable connection for reference.


How to be an effective and unique networker?

In a crisis moment, one has to remember that the time is sensitive for each one around us. So it will look very self-centered or tone-deaf if you ask for help and ask about jobs to your connection directly.  That’s why we are sharing a few networking tips to ensure how you can improve your networking skills effectively and efficiently. These tips are all centered on you and return in the same way; doing so you will gain respect and trust with your connections that will help to expand your career.

Organize a Virtual meet-up/Events:Virtual events and meetups are any organized accumulation that takes place online and does not require a physical location. These events can range from a coffee session, or from a small Q-n-A session to large-scale conferences with numbers of attendees.

In the middle of today’s global crisis, you have several LinkedIn connections, with whom you can throw a coffee session to discuss updates status of your industry. You do not have to have an answer for all the questions, the main aim should be to hold the discussion with like-minded people and to grow your network a little more. Here in this article, we will present you with a strategy to host the virtual meetings.

Step 1: plan for virtual meet up (i.e. Choose the Platform/ App and schedule the conference)

Step 2: describe your meet up

Step 3: Share on your social channel

Step 4: And finally meet!


Write an article featuring one of your connection’s expertise: You can choose several people from your workplace or industry that you admire; then write down a feature article about their skills and expertise. That, first, let them know what your article is going to be. You can even ask them, whether they want to write 2-3 lines on this topic so that you can add and highlight that part in your feature article. You can add their LinkedIn profile link and give proper credit to them; that will enhance their exposure to it.

Post video with a quick tip and questions: To post a video you don’t need a full production house or a bunch of staff; you can easily shoot a video with your phone sitting in your home. Through the video, you can discuss something that you are an expert in. You can share whatever you like, and whatever you hold a good grip in. you can ask for comments from your connection, and ask them to share what they have to say on your video.

And similarly, don’t just click on like button on video from your connection. That does not go to add any value to your connection. Add a detailed thoughtful comment to build up a conversation.  In that way, you will help to grow other’s connections.

Create and distribute the resource list: Resource lists are great for a few reasons. You must create a list of LinkedIn hashtags that are relevant to you. And you can share it with your connections. And that list has to update every month to add new followers and latest hashtags that are gaining attention. This is an amazing way to keep in connection with others. According to your industry, you can plan your resource list.

Your connections will remember who make a positive impact on other mind-set during this crisis. So, every action of yours will be marked when the crisis is over. The bigger your help towards your connection will make you more memorable and will help to strengthen your network.


  1. How do you create an effective network?

Answer: Here are 7 most powerful tips that will help you to build an effective network;

Focus on the Like-minded and right people.

Create a situation where both you and your connection gain equally.

Give before you receive

Become a connector to introduce people who can benefit each other.

Remember to reconnect, i.e. stay in contact with your network.

Use social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Establish your networking group.


  1. What are soft job skills? And why it is needed in networking?

Answer: Soft skills include communication, work ethic, adaptability, attitude, creative thinking, time management, flexibility, networking, teamwork, decision making, positivity, motivation, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

And to be a successful networker, you must have highly developed soft skills, or interpersonal skills, along with a strategic perspective.


  1. How do you gain connections?

Answer: Take a sincere interest in other's jobs, show respect to that, and act natural, and you will be making connections and networking in a short time.


  1. How do introverts network?

Answer: being an introvert you can invite people for 1-1 coffees, may host small dinner gatherings, or even “networking” online by posting videos or writing blog posts.