Finding The Skills You Need To Succeed In This Difficult Job Market


Post date: 2020-05-22 05:27:13


Finding the skills you need to succeed in this difficult job market

Within the last couple of months, we have received a lot of applications from your side where the main aim to learn new personal skills to deal with today’s demanding situations. you want to get into these courses to smoothen your path to apply for a promotion or you just want to switch your field and start working in a new industry.

Whatever be the reason of yours, we always recommend being strategic about developing your skillset amid this global pandemic. This article is all about the in and out of experiencing new skills.

According to leading industry experts, it makes sense to learn new skills; as this will make you feel more productive rather than being lost during this difficult time. Learning new skills makes you feel confident even when you are going for a job interview, that’s one of the most powerful keys when you are at the peak of your career.


Learn how you can level up:

You may need skills to be confident enough to apply for a senior position in your current company or other related companies if you enjoy your work, what you are doing professionally. Here, to go further in a niche area, having the right skills is required. And apart from focusing on new skills, you must have taken feedback on your current skills and ability. To get the best evaluation of your performance, you may ask for those feedback from your former office colleague or managers; who knows and appreciate you professionally. Just ask your work partners what skills you lag or what skills must sharpen up to get a better professional life.

If you want to emphasize a specific area, then also talk to colleagues in your existing profession to learn more about the forte and how you should want to succeed. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Imagine yourself like a child interviewing a professional in a career day. Be specific, and ask what kind of training one must have to complete the job, or what the work responsibilities they have. Those simple questions will help to build a roadmap for you, and through this, you will find your path to land your dream job position.

Learning how to take a jump:

When you are reaching to us for guidance, you have found that many of you just want to switch off their career by moving to complete a new industry. To do so, we suggest first evaluate this new career based on three important criteria;

Are you good to fit in this role?

Do you have professional knowledge about this role?

Can you make a living from it?

Throughout the intersection of those questions, you will often get a promising career. And apart from your knowledge and skill, you must have a passion for your work; without that, you cannot be successful.

You can also consider narrowing your options by approaching someone who is working in a similar area that you want to pursue; ask them questions to get a better insight into that specific role. After hearing about all the facts about that specific job, if you are still interested and feel aligned, then continue.

You may think of volunteering your service in some non-profit organizations to get a better insight about your competency in various fields. By this, you will find the gap of skills that you must have to fit in for a specific role. And to overcome this gap, you have to do some training and course.


How to find relevant courses:

First, you have to be a good consumer to differentiate between crappy and good training. To find out the quality of a training program, check out what training your friends and colleagues have enjoyed. Go for online reviews about these courses before wasting your time in the wrong one. And you also have to remember that your learning style must match with the training. For example, if you think that you learn things easily by following instructions, then opt for a course that will provide you the chance to do the activities to get a better description of any process.

How to sell your skills:

 Once you have mastered your preferred skills and ready to step into a new professional life, it’s become crucial to showcase or advertise your expertise to your potential employers. At this point, you may think you have a superpower; i.e. you are the expert in this field. You have to play with your strengths, bring up your most valuable skills and experiences to how you deal with real-life situations.


Current job-market situation:

We are designed and formulated to foresee the coming challenges of fresh graduates. And this time graduation time may not end up with celebration due to this global pandemic situation. Graduating seniors and recent graduates who are in their final year may realize the fact that they are entering into the hardest job market. We host regular webinars with leading job search experts to answer all your job-related queries.


With this low economic situation, quick and easy job searches are not going to happen. Being a job seeker you must have wait for longer search causes due to the depressed economy leads to slower than normal hiring process. To deal with this difficult situation, you need to pen up for new opportunities and set long term goals.

Who is hiring right now:

Here in My First Boss, being a talent development and management company, we are doing our level best to transform a fresher to be industry-ready. We are doing our best to connect you with the leading companies who are still hiring during this difficult economic time. we are designed to regularly update the list of companies who are hiring.