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Going To Face A Virtual Interview? Tips And Tricks To Get Prepared!


Post date: 2020-06-20 01:50:40


Test Your Technology

Camera Position

The lighting of the room


Print the Job Description Your Resume and Cover Letter:

Focus on Your Body Language

Wardrobe Also Matters

Final Thought


As we are living in a technically sound era, most of the employers and recruiters are switching to the virtual interview platform such as phone interviews or Skype interviews as these are more convenient methods to save time and money in the screening process. This in turn changing the conventional methods of hiring and adding new challenges for job seekers.

Though you face most of the similar questions, there are few vital steps you should take for the preparation of virtual interviews. In this article, we will cover all the tips and tricks to impress HR through a Skype/ phone/ video interview.

Test Your Technology

This is the first and foremost thing you have to consider while preparing for a video interview to make sure you are ready to use your technology (computer, webcam, mic, etc.) in a much comfortable way.

You have to make sure all the components are in working condition. It will be a real nightmare if your interviewer can’t hear you just because your mic is in mute. Check all the settings are correct and you are comfortable with these technologies. Go for a test run beforehand with your friends or family to be extra sure. So, if there is any issue left unaddressed you have enough time to fix it.

These are the few things that you must check for a video or Skype interview;

Camera Position- none of us wants to look up or look down during the entire interview. Position your camera in such a way that your entire face can be visible through webcam and you end up looking directly through it.

The lighting of the room- put your laptop or tablet in such a way that light is just behind it so that when you put on the light it will illuminate your face.

Surroundings- the most important factor you should give attention to. Make it a close room conversation. As random people roaming around in the middle of the interview in the background does not make you the start of the interview. Noisy surroundings will help much to distract the interviewer. Find a distraction-free quiet place and put every electronic gadget of yours in silence so that your conversation does not get interrupted by pings and beeps too.


Print the Job Description Your Resume and Cover Letter:

The next vital step is preparing yourself. This is a step most of the job seekers skip. This is pretty normal that employers can ask you any question related to your resume or cover letter. Before going to the interview, you should look over each component of them several times. So that you can memorize the information.

But for an extra layer of safety, you can print out a hard copy of the job description along with the resume, and cover letter. So, that if you miss any point if can go through the piece of paper while answering anything related to the job description.

Try to place those print out on the table just beside the laptop, so that you don’t have to look down much. But if you look down for information for every single question, it will break the flow of conversation.

Focus on Your Body Language:

When you are facing a video or Skype interview, body language of yours plays a vital part, as it counts a lot for communication.

According to a recent survey, 7% of the communication is done through word, 35% of the communication is done through your tone, while 55% of it is done through body language only. We have enlisted a few tips that you can follow;

Make direct eye contact and nod whenever you feel it’s required. These are the gestures that show you are paying attention. But nodding excessively can cause distraction.

Smile and look confident. It helps you to talk more efficiently and energetically.

Don’t cross your arms during an interview. That makes you look nervous, unreceptive, and defensive.

Don’t slouch. It conveys that you are not interested enough and not paying attention. Always sit forward in your chair.

Practice your body posture, delivery, tone, composure, and other things. Conduct a mock interview with family and friends. Work on the delivery of the answer and your overall confidence.

 Wardrobe Also Matters:

Dress like you are going to face an in-person interview. Do not think that a shirt and a tie with sweatpants can work as the interviewer can only see the top half of yours. For a Skype or video interview, it is better to be prepared for the unexpected. And of course, you will also feel more prepared and confident when you look the part.

Finally, you should focus on the colour of the clothes too. As wearing plain black and white might not look great on camera. Better to choose something on grey, charcoal or blue.

Final Thought

Take it like an in-person interview. And go through all the steps you consider in it. Research about the company, networking with people in that company, of course, do a lot of help.  Finally, for any virtual interview, do a trial run. A day or two before the remote interview, arrange all the components in the exact arrangement and schedule a mock interview. More practice will make you get comfortable with the entire setup and troubleshoot any problem before the real deal.

With that, you will be prepared for your next virtual interview.

Good luck!