Hiring Of Blue-Collar Employees Becoming A Challenge Online


Post date: 2020-03-16 01:02:15

In today's technological world, finding a job online isn't a tough task. Yes, My First Boss online portals can help you find the right post that you wish to have. But for a few, just having relevant skills never really gets them anywhere. Usually, if you are looking for any software or IT-related jobs, then upload your resume and other details of work experience typically gets you the job. But then for blue-collar jobs India, they don't have resumes or different skills through which you can hire them. Thus, let's take a closer look as to why challenges are being faced in the hiring of blue-collar jobs. Let's get started.


Challenges Faced in Hiring Blue-Collared Jobs Online


Blue collared jobs are those jobs that are paid on an hourly basis and comprises of immense labour and skill. Professions include electricians, technicians, and beauticians and so on. These jobs require high levels of skill and experience to pursue. Hence, most of the people that carry out blue-collared jobs often hold a diploma degree. So that challenges that are faced in hiring them are as follows.


Lack of Knowledge in Applying Blue-Collar Jobs India Online

To search for blue-collared jobs online might be a tight affair. For most of the people working blue collared jobs often don't know how to use the internet or other services. Thus, applying for a job is a daunting task and can never really be feasible for them to apply online. Instead of searching locally to get some job would be preferable for them. But there are My First Boss Com that offer blue-collared jobs but use mail services to get in touch with them. Again, blue-collared workers don't use mail services and rely heavily on messaging and phone calls.  


Success Rate is Often Low

The turnover of an applicant agreeing to do the job is often very low. It is because of the lack of trust that blue-collared workers have with an online website that offers these postings. For them, getting a job anywhere would be feasible as long as they are having some form of income. Regardless of applying online, any job would do related to their skill. Also, these blue-collared workers don't wait for any reply, if an opportunity to earn money comes forward, they grab it immediately.


Hiring Process

Considering the standard way of hiring is never feasible in blue-collar jobs India. Mainly it's entirely based on the skillset that an individual possesses. And by online assessment, these skills cannot be witnessed in person. Thus, it fails to showcase what the real value of the blue collared workers happens to be. Yes, you could call them to a particular place to see what they have to offer. But there are high chances of them not showing up as it would be a waste of time, effort, and financial resources if they were not to be selected. And many times, the language barrier also acts as the main disadvantage. Not many are fluent in English and cannot understand English easily.

Thus, there are other cons to hiring blue-collared workers through an online forum. But then due to advancements in technology and other means of communication, its getter better as the days go by.


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