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How Do I Outperform In A GD


Post date: 2020-05-16 07:23:10

How do I outperform in a GD:


Keep a positive body language:

Be aware of current affairs:

How to approach a GD after the topic is given:

Final thought:



A Group Discussion, which is popularly known as GD is an integral part of the selection process in most of the job interviews. Group discussion is mainly aimed at judging a candidate’s personality through his/her practical argumentative skills. It generally helps the recruiters to assess the candidate’s eligibility, assertiveness, subject opinions, and communication skills. For freshers, GD round is the most dreadful elimination rounds in the total selection process, but it is not that tough as it seems. At the end of the discussion, the participants may or may not come to a fair conclusion. In this article, we have enlisted some group discussion tips and tricks to showcase your behavioralexpertise to the panelists.



Keep a positive body language:

Body language is a sign of your behavior to the external world. From the movement of your hands to the fumbling of your voice are the signs of your body language that other people in the room may notice. If you can pay attention to them effectively, your half work is done. Make sure you make a good impression from the beginning. You just have to follow some basic gestures like sitting up in a straight body posture showing enough interest for the group discussion, making eye contact while putting your thoughts in front of others, and listening carefully while others are speaking. However, it should not make you look too rigid and anxious. It is very common where candidates feel clueless about their position of hands. But don’t take stress about that! Keep your hands on your thighs as normal and sit properly. Waving your arms anxiously may look animated and puts a negative impact on the minds of the panelists. Some gestures like Looking at other participants while they speak and showing your interest in their contribution may put you in a good impression. Keep your legs at right angles to the body or formally fold them.  Always keep a decent smiling expression on the face to look stress-free. Show your interest to contribute to the argument through non-verbal gestures. You may not be speaking for the whole discussion, but you still need to express your thoughts verbally. These gestures will support your points.

Be aware of current affairs:

Having proper knowledge of current affairs may help you to increase your performance in GD. For this approach, all you need to do is read news articles daily and watch the news regularly. Staying updated with industry situations and the latest trends in the country will help you to think and address the crisis and achievements in a particular sector. Also, follow some industry’s social media handles for staying updated about recent developments and initiatives taken. This will ultimately help you to suggest as references to put in a GD. Your group discussion performance also scores high when panelists get facts from the points you made.



How to approach a GD after the topic is given:

First, try to understand the topic properly but quickly. If you have some doubts regarding the topic initially, then ask immediately for clarity.

Always try to be the first one to speak in a GD, because you can shape the discussion in your way and define the path in which the GD will progress. This will transfer an image of you being able to initiate actions by breaking the ice. But be cautious about the exact meaning of the topic given, otherwise, if you initiate with a wrong perception then it will affect your performance in a GD.

Secondly, focus on your quality of arguments over quantity. Make your points relevant to the topic of discussion and try to think out of the box so that your views seem more unique.

Many times it has been noticed that participants may have excellent thoughts on the topic but they couldn’t express it properly due to lack of communication skills. So your communication skills can be proved as a real friend to enhance your performance in a group discussion. If you are confident about your communication skills then work on it to make it perfect, otherwise, adopt some practices to develop decent communication skills. Take regular classes, grow a habit of reading books and magazines to develop vocabulary skills aswell. Choose a topic and start thinking about it, stand in front of a mirror, and try to speak out whatever relevant points you thought. Not only speaking but also develop your listening skills to outperform in a group discussion. Listen to the points made by other participants without judging them or getting distracted from your views. Practice as much as you can for getting better confidence and satisfactory performance in a GD. Your goal on the day of GD should be to assemble your thoughts and effectively express them to outperform in GD. 





Final thought:

Conclude the discussion, if possible with assembling various points made by everyone and produce a decent conclusion. Doing this, you can show your analytical understanding and can put your thoughts in a well-planned manner which may help you to score more.  



  1. How can I prepare for GD at home?

Answer: Here are a few tips that will be helpful for you while preparation;

Maintain eye contact.


Talk to the point.

Allow others to speak.

Good listener.

Be sensible.

Positive attitude


  1. What are the mistakes one must avoid in a Group Discussion?

Answer: Here are a few points that you must avoid in a group discussion

If you don't know the topic, don't take the lead.

If you know about the topic, don't hesitate to take the lead.

Don't copy or follow someone else's comments orideas.

Don't contradict your points.

Avoid interrupting others.


  1. What are the skills required for group discussion?

Answer: Some crucial group discussion skills are;



Time Management






Public speaking

Memory and recalling

Social engagement