How Does A Soft Skills Training Helps In Personal Development?


Post date: 2020-03-06 03:17:05

Gone are the days when hard skills/subject knowledge was thought to be the sole criteria for success in careers. Employers these days know that even if one does not have the requisite subject knowledge, it can always be acquired through adequate training- provided the person has the right competency-mix to learn. Personality and soft skills are two important competencies an employer always looks for in a candidate nowadays as they can make that ‘make-or-break’ difference in job performances.

But, there is nothing ‘soft’ about these soft skills at all and a meticulous approach is required for personality development and soft skills improvement and to align them as per the needs of specific jobs.

This is where the need for effective soft skills training arises for both job seekers and employers alike. It can inculcate the much-needed behavioural competencies in a participant for excelling in his job.

Soft skills foster an environment where individuals can create, collaborate, communicate and think actively. Such a working environment extracts the best out of the employees and this, in turn, can do wonders to increase productivity for the concerned organization.

The bottom line:

The Certified Corporate Ready Professional (CCRP) by My First Boss™ is a certification and corporate ready program that aims to handhold young professionals and shape them towards excellence in a corporate environment. This program will help the participants for personality development and soft skills such as impression management, time management, workload management, office etiquettes, teamwork, rapport building and so on.

Come, join CCRP, enhance your soft skills and give yourself a great chance to excel in a corporate environment!