How To Cooperate With A Bad Boss?


Post date: 2020-03-13 00:35:26

Workplaces can be mixed affairs of ups and downs. You can have a positive or negative experience based on the person that is running the company. Yes, if your (My First Boss) boss is perfect, then your work life can be a peaceful affair. But it can soon turn out to be a difficult place to survive if they are bad or horrible. Thus, if you want to learn the tips and tricks in cooperating with such bosses, then read on. We have some particular ways through which you can deal with them.


Identification Is Key


Identifying that your boss is bad is critical. There are aspects as to how they might be a bad boss. Either they might be targeting you for everything unnecessarily or merely trying to pull your negatives when everyone is to blame for the mistake. Thus, identify weather your boss falls in any category that you might seem to be fit to be called a "bad boss."



Understand Motivation


Try to see why your boss might be carrying these actions. There might be several reasons, such as setting an example to other employees or trying to change the work culture of the company. The reasons are endless. Therefore, try to see the background behind the motivation and understand your boss better to get a better understanding of their actions.  


Let It Not Affect Your Work Output


Never take anything personally. Yes, bad bosses might be tough on you but never let it affect your work output. You must continue your work the way you might have been maintaining it. Try to adhere to their demands but never take anything negative personally as to what they say about you. Once you start taking it on a personal note, then enmity rises, and you might end up doing something which wasn't supposed to be done.



Try To be one Step Ahead


It's better to be away from such bosses as much as possible. Thus, try to finish your work well in advance such that they don't have to nitpick your flaws again and again. Always ensure that you get the work done a couple of days ahead and keep doing this such that they don't have to target you anymore realizing that you can pull off a job effortlessly and doesn't need constant taunting to carry out a particular job.


Set Certain Boundaries 


If you have a bad boss, it doesn't mean that you lose your ethics and start acting like their puppets. Set certain boundaries to which you need to stay restricted. With unlikeable people, always try to stay within your limits and try not to engage yourself with them. Rather stay away and let them not see as much as possible to stay away from extra workload and other things that might make you hate them more.


 Act like a Leader


Stepping up if you know something isn't bad. It's a chance to prove yourself In front of others. With bad bosses, it’s either their ego or just bad managerial properties that set them the tag of being bad. Thus, always suggest ideas and suggestions in a particular project if you know that field well that would help the company in achieving great results. But also remember that you will have to loop your boss, such that they aren't undermined and pin you down if anything goes wrong.

Hence, the above-given pointers can give you a fighting chance of dealing with a bad boss. But it's a personal take on one might want to handle their bosses. All the best.  

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