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LinkedIn Endorsements: All You Need To Know


Post date: 2020-05-19 05:44:58

LinkedIn Endorsements: All you need to know


You Should Not Say YES To Each And Every Endorsement:

Endorse Others First And Fairly:

Ask For Endorsement:

Guide Your Network To Endorse You:



LinkedIn,the popular business networking site is a remarkable platform to build up your online professional network. You may have missed the new feature launched by LinkedIn, named as"Endorsements”. Making LinkedIn easier for users to interact with the site and other users, it recently launched LinkedIn Endorsements; which acts as an online reference check for skills and talent. This feature simply allows any LinkedIn user to share and endorse your expertise and skills with any other members in their network. You may wonder what impression of yours is created by LinkedIn skills endorsementsto your potential employers or networking partner. This endorsement feature is expected to support your profile so that others quickly identify your strength. The LinkedIn endorsement of yours must support your overall goals.

That why you must have an idea about how should you get the maximum advantage of this new feature. With the addition of several skills in your profile, you get a better place in your recruiter’s eye. And make sure that your LinkedIn profile does not go off with a mismatch of skills that has been endorsed by everyone else in your network. You may consider the following tips for employing endorsement on LinkedIn;


You Should Not Say YES To Each And Every Endorsement:

As mentioned earlier, you must align your endorsement with your career goal. Though it’s good to know about pretty everything outside your work field but that skill will not add up much value in candidature. So, you must evaluate every endorsement, whether they are the perfect match of your work culture or not before adding. Don’t let any unimportant skill to dilute your real skills.

And it is impossible to remove any accepted endorsement. The one option left is to hide it, so that no one other than you can see it. So, if someone adds any endorsement for a skill that you don’t have, you may click the option “add and remove” to delete the skill. And you can hide an endorser, says a family friend who does not work with you. To do that, go directly to the pull-down menu-“profile” and then click on “edit profile”. Then by going to the “skills and expertise” option, you will find “manage endorsements”, where a box will pop up to show the list of people who endorsed you.

Endorse Others First And Fairly:

Before asking for endorsement from your network, you must endorse others first. In this way, you will enable others to find out where their core strength lies. But you must be honest too while doing this. So don’t just click on all the skillslisted available. Try to highlight the arena of expertise you would like to put your reputation. And your network will be shortly notified about your addition through LinkedIn, which ensures that they will favor back in return.


Ask For Endorsement:

It follows the same logic of recommendation. Don’t hesitate to ask for endorsements from your contact whom you know and work well together.If we have an ongoing relationship with your boss or colleague or working with people on a project, then first gain respect for your work you may ask them to endorse your work based on your skills. And the process becomessmoother if you do this in person or by exchanging a personal note.

Keep in mind that endorsing is easier than recommending. One can easily endorse skills that they have seen in people but would think twice before recommending as you must have great knowledge about their attitude, capability, and the combination of skills one has. That’s why this new feature turns out, as it is nothing but the right recommendation.

Guide Your Network To Endorse You:

You can guide your network who want to endorse your expertise by setting up wisely the Skills & Endorsement section.For that first add skills. Pick at least 10 skills that describe your ability in the best way. This will guide your network in the fact of what skills you want to endorse for yourself. That means endorsement will only appear for the top 10 skills on your profile. You can simply type the skills in the box, in the same way, you are editing your endorsement.

The skills having most of the endorsement will automatically go to the top of the list, following with the next popular one. That’s why you must be judicious while selecting what endorsement you want to accept and what not.



  1. What are endorsements on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn endorsements are the latest LinkedIn feature which allow your connections or network to come to your profile and endorse you for certain skills and expertise by simply hitting an “endorse” button.


  1. Are endorsements on LinkedIn important?

LinkedIn endorsements are really important. This is one of the effective way to know and prove your expertise and back up your claims. Anyone can say that he/she have certain expertise but only a number of endorsement prove it.


  1. What are good skills to add to LinkedIn?

Some of the common skills you may consider for your LinkedIn profiles are;



Competitive Strategies

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Analytical Reasoning.


Cloud Computing.

People Management.

Time Management.

Corporate Communications.


Industrial Design

Digital Marketing


  1. How do I endorse someone on LinkedIn without viewing their profile?

If you want to endorse someone's skills without being prompted, then just go to his/her profile page and scroll down to the“Skills & Expertise” section, where you can see the user identified skills.

  1. Can I hide endorsements on LinkedIn?

Click the Me icon (appears at the top of your LinkedIn homepage)

Click View profile.

Scroll down to the “Skills & Endorsements section”

Click on the name of any of your skills.

In the pop-up window, switch the toggle to the specific endorsements you want to hide or unhide.