Schools And Colleges Aren't Enough For Being Industry Ready


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Why just having a degree is not adequate to find a good job

The importance of having skill

How to supplement degree with skill

Final thought


The most common question you have come across with a recent college graduate is, “Don’t know why I can’t get a job, though I do have a degree from college.” They got confused with the fact after sending 50 resumes, they only get back 2-3 responses. After finishing school, attending a college has become a socially demanding path though that does not guarantee any success, whereas getting a college degree has become a goal to achieve happiness. Whereas maximum recruitment agencies accused college students are living in a bubble and completely unaware of the realities they have to face after completing graduation. Companies with large applicants reported to struggle universally to find a competent applicant over a short period.

For example, a study by an employability assessment company, claims that 95 % of engineers in the country were not even a fit for software development jobs. Many other reports resonate with it by claiming only 6% of the top colleges get a  placement due to substandard education of them. 

Let us discuss the main reasons reported by hiring agencies, that reflect why the education earned by school or college is not enough.


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Why just having a degree is not adequate to find a good job:


Let us give a quick look at the hiring process. With a good degree, you submit a resume to several companies and then have to go through the interview process. So, here comes the twist that whatever degree or good grade you have, you have to pass through the interview process. You will find hundreds of videos on youtube where job aspirant discuss their struggle with job hunting and many have confessed they don’t get a job yet.

Why it’s so difficult? Companies are now set that your resume is just a piece of paper and not the best representation of an applicant. To cope up with the pool of a large number of applicants, HRs are now using “resume filter”, such as applicant tracking system (ATS), where computers select the candidate based on some certain keyword set by recruiters. With your college and school education, you have no idea about how to pass-through this system, so a maximum of the students does not get an email back from the recruiter side.


What are the main issues:


  1. Your College Doesn't Teach You HOW To Think:

In a classroom of your college, hundred of students are reading the same book and teachers are providing the same information over the year in the form of lectures that may not be suitable for work-industry. That’s the average scenario of the maximum of our school, colleges.

The students are treated like a sink to only absorb the information taught by the professor without any practical application. The syllabus is theoretical and is not in touch with reality. In the world, the economy is changing rapidly but our education system does not change fast enough to cope up with. The skills training institutes, as well as technical courses, need to change a lot to adapt to the demands of the new economy. with changed time, what matters more is adopting the skills to do the job, not a certificate with a good grade that only shows you have spent 4 years studying a certain topic.


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  1. College Does Not Give You The Purpose Of Life:

A School and college campus is a protected world, that is far away from the real-world. Educational institutes today sell themselves as places where a person can find themselves. The thought “finding yourself,” is most commonly used by college students. As the thought follows as studying at a well-recognized college or university will show you the right passage for teens to pass into adulthood and provide them a successful career.

But the reality is something else.  When you are going for college, you are just going for an opportunity to expand your knowledge on something you love to learn, along with that you have to learn the skill to solve real-world problems. It's like buying time for 4 years or so to decide what you want to do in your life.

A man finds himself by developing skills, by doing things by himself and by testing out his ideas and projects in the real world. And within the protected boundaries of school and college, you never get a chance to test the real-world problem as it never allows you to pursue your passion outside.


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The importance of having skills:


Having college degrees don’t prove you have skills, that the major problem with is it. That piece of paper only proves you went to college and graduated. That means you have some knowledge, but not sure about the necessary skills.

Let’s have a glance at why recruiters value skills over college degrees:


  • Skills help to achieve a goal 
  • Skills show experiences
  • Skills help an individual to grow 
  • Skills show self-confidence and knowledge about a topic
  • Without skills, you can’t succeed at any job

As having skills is important for work success, career growth and, personal growth many recruiting agencies decide to modify their hiring process. As a result, the hiring based on only the school, college degrees slowly vanishes in favor of skills-based hiring. The advantage of this skills-based hiring is that now people having no degree are also applicable for a suited job. They also have the same chances of getting hired along with those who have a college degree.

So, after spending money and time to get an education, and having a degree, it does not guarantee a college/university pass out a job, also not to mention a higher salary. So to make sure employment students must gather experience along with a degree.


How to supplement degree with skills:


There are many ways to improve your chance to secure a job;


  • Pursue internships in the area of your interest 
  • Publish articles for websites of various companies
  • Do some online work while studying 
  • Become a tutor (online or offline)
  • Do some volunteer work


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Final thought:


So, just having a college degree no longer guarantees your job or having a higher salary. For employers, what’s important is whether a candidate has the skills along with relevant experience. Along with education, try to gather skills- may be writing skills or leadership skills. Think about what you can do best and add it to your resume. It will help you get hired.




  1. Do employers care about where you went to college?

Today, whether you go to college retains some importance in your employment options. But where you go to college is of almost no importance.


  1. Does life get better after college?

Though it’s not going to be easy after college. But it will be better as you will learn a lot of new things in a job, also know something about your colleagues and their struggle.


  1. How do I get a social life after college?

  • Volunteer in Your Community

  • Make Friends at Work