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Stuck With Difficult People In Your Workplace? How To Deal With The Situation!


Post date: 2020-07-04 00:43:48


Stay Calm

Develop rapport and an effective work environment

Give the difficult person their space

Confront your difficult co-worker


Rush to the higher authority for resolution

Final thought




Difficult people do exist in every sector of life, so as in your workplace. They come in each conceivable variety. Some fail to keep the commitment. Some are not ready to listen to your point. And some criticize your every step constantly. You cannot avoid them. But how much difficulty they can create depends on your self-esteem, personality, confidence, and professional courage.

But trust this line, until you deal with them and ignore the difficulty, your situation won’t get better, and usually, it gets worse if left unaddressed. Here are the top six tips and tricks to deal with any difficult people you may encounter in your job place.


Stay Calm:

This is the undeniable fact that every successful person keeps their mind cool under any circumstances. So, no surprise the best way to deal with a difficult person is to stay calm. If you choose to keep it calm over losing your temper, you will be considered as more calm, controlled, and responsible.

It will allow you to prevent the situation from becoming worsen. You will be able to approach the solution in an open mind and possibly in this way you will be able to get what the intention of your difficult co-workers.

Remember, anger also can be useful sometimes to strategically move a difficult person out, but losing temper will not going to help you anyway.


Develop rapport and an effective work environment:

Your relationship with co-workers can even ruin your job as well as your career. If you can’t play well or unable to build a good rapport with them, your education, skills, expertise, and experience nothing will work for you. Without building a good relationship with your co-workers, your days are not going to be seamless, and you can’t succeed in your career.

Examine yourself first. And then try to figure out, is there are any of your faults that do not let the effective relationship work between your boss and co-workers. And is this you, who is not satisfied with the job?

In the era of technology, our day to day work responsibility turns into a mechanical process. You have to re-install the human touch while dealing with computers, emails, and messages. Go out with them and spend time over lunches or dinners. Get to know them as people not only as colleagues. Learn about themselves, their family, hobbies, and lifestyles. Build up the relationship. That will help to avoid any difficult situation.


Give the difficult person their space:

Sometimes it works when you are dealing with some difficult person. Maybe they just try to put forward their concerns and ideas. Give them time during one to one meeting or a team meeting and focus on their needs. It may help to deal with problematic behavior and may result in a constructive solution.


Confront your difficult co-worker:

We know confronting is not easy. But sometimes you need to stand up for your rights. If the issue is all about sharing credit of some accomplished result, some irritating or sloppy approach or habit of some co-worker, or to keep the project in track, or it’s about some intentional delay in some derivable you need to confront your co-worker. And it’s better if you do it in private and with respect.

Confrontation in private should not be your first step though and it is also not reasonable to confront a violent co-worker.  But you may use this tip to directly address your issues with other types of difficult co-workers.



If you have already tried every tip we have discussed, and nothing improves the relation between that co-worker and you, then the best way to deal is to ignore. Interact with the person only when it is required. But of course, it is not possible if the person plays a vital role in your job, that's why it is our last tip.


Rush to the higher authority for resolution:

When every tip and trick fails, go to your HR managers. You can consider it as a trump card. But don’t use it unless it is really necessary. Be careful, not to go for this option all the time. otherwise, your manager will have a negative vibe about you; that you are unable to handle your problem. But this top-down approach is the most effective measure to get someone moving, especially in bureaucratic organizations.


Final Thought

Now you have gone through the best practice of dealing with difficult people, you may have found your way out how to get easier with them. Ensure you are following company policy, be respectful, and don’t afraid to go the authority if you feel its required.

Good luck!