The Vision Behind My First Boss Through The Founder’s Eyes…


Post date: 2020-05-06 08:16:08

The Vision Behind My First Boss through the founder’s eyes…


Every new innovation has a vision behind it, a vision to change the world make the life of the society and its people easier and with such a vision and thinking. Mr Narendra Khanna started My First Boss, a new way to help the students and candidates to meet their competencies and get the job they deserve and to help the corporate world. So let's get deeper in this conversation with Mr Narendra Khanna the founder and managing director of My First Boss.

So here is a short interview between Mr. Abhinav Kant Chaturvedi and Mr. Narendra Khanna on the show ’My Story With Abhinav’ managing director of My First Boss. It took a long time and experience to bring this dream of yours into reality and with your experience of 23 years both international and national level it helped you a lot to understand the needs and problems of the young generation and the bridge between the corporate world and the candidates.

So here are a few questions I want to ask you about this amazing work you have done and the vision and idea behind My First Boss.


How long do you sleep for?

Usually, I sleep for 4-5 hours a day no matter what the conditions are. I have a good sleep. It's more than enough for me and to be ready for the work and stay active for the upcoming day.


How do you feel about My First Boss and the millions of people you are helping to achieve their dream?

We feel great to help so many lives achieve their dream and make them reality. It motivates us to work harder and help more people out there. The feeling behind My First Boss was to help students not only get a job but to build a career Most people when getting a job, forget that they have to build a career out of the job and we help our students and candidates to build a career along with the job. My first boss got its name from my thought of how our first job and boss influence our career and life and that's what we do at My First Boss, help you achieve your dreams.


What were you doing before My First Boss?

I am an IT professional and did my computer engineering from Mumbai University and worked for 23 years both in the Indian and international market. After working with so many national and international companies I understood the pain of the young generation not getting the job they want and also the pain of the corporate companies not getting the candidates they want for their jobs. So basically I worked to solve this problem and figure out this mismatch and get the right person for the right job as per his competences.


So you have figured out the pain points of the corporate world, so how does My First Boss try to solve these problems?

Well, we all say there is a lot of unemployment in India but also there are a lot of jobs available in the corporate market. The problem is our education system only provides the basic knowledge to the students and not the skills they need for a particular job, so at My First Boss, we understand the competencies of every student understand their talent and genius, nurture and prepare them for the best job they are suited for and work as a bridge between the corporate market as what they need for their job and our students and candidates to be prepared for the job. And for that, we have alliances with a number of international and domestic e-education and skill development agencies to make them understand what a job needs and prepare them for the job as per their talent.


Being the founder of my first boss ,how was your first boss?

I have been lucky with my first boss. He was really a great mentor and helped me guide through my career and job. Your first boss and the job have a very great impact on your future and that's why when I founded My First Boss, I wanted to give the best experience to our candidates and students and help them build a better future for themselves.


With the drastic change in technology, what is so particular about your app?

Basically, the app is not just a medium to get a job and job alerts but it is more like an online institution where you can have educational courses, skill courses and it is not only of students and candidates but also for colleges, schools and educational institutions and corporate world. We provide online assessments of the competences of the students provide them with online journals

They can download them or watch them online. No matter which domain they are from the app provides skill courses for all domains and streams. You can connect to your teachers your mentors and also to other students of the world. Our goal is not only to provide a job but also to help them grow and upscale for a better career and future whether you are a student, an institution or a corporate employee, covert your weakness into a strength.


How do you feel about the process and the scopes for the people coming?

Different people have different sets of skills and talent and they have their own weaknesses and strengths. We provide them with an online swot analysis and so they can get a better picture about themselves where they are really good and where they need to work on to turn their weakness into a strength. We provide them with a report so they can understand which job they are best suited for and what skills they need to get their dream job and try to become a bridge between the corporate world and our students.


How do you choose between an entrepreneur or a simple job?

Well we don’t really choose a career choice for our students but we help them understand their weaknesses and strengths and how his talents and skills will help him for a particular job. If he wants to be an entrepreneur, we will provide him with the best skills and courses so he can achieve his dream and if he is aspiring for a job then we will help him with the required skills for the job he wants and he is best suited for.


The economy is changing fast, how do you keep changing with the need of the market?

Well, we have connections with a lot of corporate CEOs and companies and we keep ourselves updated with the changing market and its trends. We constantly update the skills and courses needed for the market and our research team keeps upscaling the set of skills and courses the students need to be corporate ready.


As all the entrepreneurs, have you seen the ups and downs as an entrepreneur?

Yes. Like every common man, I have seen my ups and downs but I never lost my optimism and positivity. I am a positive person. I learn from my experience where I have been wrong and from my mistakes, I plan my future. I have seen my downs and I don’t want any young man to see them that's why I made My First Boss so they can learn from my experience and build a future without seeing the downs of life.


And about the present, what would you say about this COVID situation?

Well we all know a lot of people have lost their jobs but not only people but the corporate world has suffered a lot . But there are a lot of sectors who have shined in this pandemic like online education , work from home jobs and My First Boss with the help of our own research team has connected to a lot of agencies who need work from home employees and freelancers for their projects and we are creating a bridge between these new jobs and and the candidates . I would say use this time to upscale your skills and prepare yourself for the future and the change in the market and we are helping a lot of people in that and we are proud of it.