This Recession Has Brought A Wide Drop In Job Intake For This Academic Year. What To Do Further?


Post date: 2020-04-13 08:28:48

Every year thousands of students are placed in different companies after the end of their last semesters, but this year the things are not the same. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the economy of the world has gone into recession, whether it's Tokyo or New York all the economies have collapsed due to the lockdowns to fight against coronavirus outbreak. The lockdown was the only option to fight to save lives and help us control the pandemic, but this lockdown has resulted in the recession all over the world. All businesses, whether small or large, have suffered a significant loss of capital in the fight against COVID 19 worldwide. 


Market go down because of virus attack


Due to large business drops, companies have suffered a significant loss of money and thus need to recover from their losses. Companies are trying to help their economic rise, and the countries require a good plan for that. Due to lockdown, most of the big industries have been closed for longer than expected, and every single minute of production halt results on the loss of the capital invested. Not only the big companies but the smaller businesses in the country have also suffered more because of the total lockdown of markets and shops. And all this happened at the placement season of different universities and colleges in our country. This academic session has suffered a lot, whether it's their studies, job placements, or a chance to get a better future. The market has less money and jobs to offer, but the number of students and candidates is enormous.


In a situation like this, companies and big industries have lost their wealth and to recover from such unexpected losses. They have changed their policies to avoid further losses. There is a substantial adverse effect of this recession on jobs. The companies are taking fewer job intakes and cutting off their employees to get stable. And in such conditions, there are not a lot of jobs during the recession for freshers. This drop-in job will result in more unemployment in the country, and there are not enough alternatives for students and candidates to work this problem out. 


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The most affected areas are large industries, educational institutions, auto markets, online shopping sites, and significant other areas that offered a lot of jobs every year. With no business, there is no work, and with no work, there is a need for employees. In a situation like this, students have nothing else to do but to work and plan according to the conditions of the economy and market.

The market is not in the state to provide the required number of jobs, and the jobs for freshers are even less.

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Due to this recession and lockdown, most of the universities and colleges are not taking new forms for degrees and post-graduation, and this will result in a greater number of unemployed youth in the country. The drop in jobs will not only affect the freshers but due to recession companies will try to lower the amount of their already existing employees to avoid their failure, and thus this number will add to the number of unemployed youths worldwide. The very few companies that will hire new staff will have to make the most of the situation and will try to get more workforce with less capital investment resulting in unsatisfied employees.


What to do after the recession?


The situation may not be right, but times like these test your potential and how good you are with the adaptation of your environment. This is the best time for you to make the best out of yourself and do the best for yourself and invest in self-development. All you need is a good plan, and everything will work out.


Things to do list


Increase your circle

You should start looking for jobs that are not affected by this recession like online education, medical health sectors, and other market areas that are still working at the time of lockdown. Try to widen your circle and areas of job expectation. This will help you get a job even if there are a recession and market collapse.


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Think for future 

Try to find jobs that are recession free to make your job security for the future, finding a job that will give you fast cash will help you keep yourself stable for some time until this recession is over. Work on improving your skills and in refurbishing your skillset and not merely concentrating on money-making strategies.  


Work on yourself

Work on your skills that the market requires at this time. Try to be flexible with working conditions and time so you can adjust to the job. During this period, don't expect a lot form the market, due to more candidates and fewer jobs, the salary of the average job will provide below. Be prepared for the worst, but be positive and optimistic. \


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Start something of your own

Start something of your own as a start-up or get some business ideas as per the need of the market and work on it. This will help you build a better future for yourself with fast growth and quick results. Try to work as per your environment, understand the market, and make a plan for the future.


Stay positive 

Recession and jobs have an inverse relationship if the recession is for long, the jobs will be less . Looking at your options before taking any step is the best advice for you. Work on your skills and help yourself get better than others. 

If you are the best, then you will be the one to get the job. Stay positive and keep your head high, companies prefer candidates with positive confidence and skills recession is not only for you, but it's also for all of the society, don't lose hope and hold your ground.


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Walk-in interviews 

There will be fewer than average placement drives due to recession this academic year, and you may not get enough chances to get a job. So this time you will have to connect to more people and try to get more walk-in interviews for companies to improve the chances of getting a job. Don't be sorry for yourself and needy for a task, companies hate such candidates who are whining about their conditions. 


Work on your interview skills 

Work on your interview skills to be confident and sharp for the job so no company can say no to you. After getting the job, try to be vital to the company, be a team player, but keep an eye for your benefits as well. Work harder to become the best among the staff so you are irreplaceable in the company, and even if the recession gets worse, you are the last person they can fire from the job.


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