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Tips To Cool Down At The Date Of Interview


Post date: 2020-07-02 11:43:58


Be careful to eat light and keep yourself hydrated before an interview

Positive self-talk

Prepare for Interviews

Question your thoughts


Final Thought





We all got nervous before any important job interview, whether it is in person or a virtual one. It may be your first interview or the 10th one, the anxiety will remain the same. You will always be bothered about how to answer perfectly, what to wear, not to look foolish. And the most horrifying thought of not getting selected for the post will always be there back in your mind.

To some extent, anxiety and stress is a vital sign that you are serious enough about it, and you are doing well. Somehow, it helps to prepare you in a better way, keep yourself motivated and alert during the process. But overdoing it will hamper your performance. If anxiety overpowered your confidence, it would distract you and can weaken your memory.

This is a complete guide to calm down your anxiety and give your best shot in the interview table;

Be careful to eat light and keep yourself hydrated before an interview:

Make sure to eat healthy and light to avoid any last moment indigestion and stomach growls. A heavy meal before an interview can make you tired. You should bring a bottle of water with you, and drink plenty of water before entering the interview room. As it is very common that nervousness may lead to a dry mouth.

And you should avoid coffee, as it is a source of jitters. Caffeine is well known to induce anxiety that can cause “sweaty palm syndrome” and perhaps make you more chatty.

Positive self-talk

When you have a big match or game to win, you have to get prepared — not just physically, but mentally too. Repeat positive phrases in your head while preparing for the interview and boost your confidence level.

These are a few positive affirmations that you may use to stay calm and relax and smash the interview;

I am prepared, I can do it.

I am confident, and job interviews are easy.

I am an excellent candidate, and I stand out above the rest.

Prepare for Interviews

Prepare as much as you can for the interview. You don’t have control over the questions that are going to be asked, but the best you can do is to control your preparation. Whenever you feel the stress of the interview, use it positively. Use to keep yourself motivated. Research about the basic information of the company, practice basic interview questioners, practice how will you highlight your skills. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will look in front of your potential employers.

If possible, go for mock interviews. You can take help from your family and friends while practicing for it. And if you have to travel for your interview, make sure you have enough time to allow traffic delay or any unusual affairs. Avoid a rush at the last moment.

Question your thoughts

Ask yourself why you are so stressed. Remember this is not the first or not the last interview that you are facing. Don’t fear the competition. Don’t think in such a way that, what will happen if others got the offer letter. These questions are not going to help you much. Change the way you think. And check if any unhelp thoughts may increase your anxiety.

To deal with these spinning thoughts, you may try to write down everything that pops into your mind. This can be the most therapeutic task you can perform to reduce your stress level. Write down what exactly going in your head. By this, you will have a clear sense of the situation. Then just crumble up the paper and throw it. This method will help you let those feelings go!


Whenever you feel that you are getting anxious, your breathing count becomes slow. You need to take about 10 deep and slow breaths to lower stress in the body. Try breathing on your count. And keep doing this for about two-three minutes. It helps as when you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to relax and calm down. And helps to put back your emotions in control. And then your brain sends the message to your entire body to relax down.

And don’t worry, no one will notice it. Sit down and breathe before entering the interview room. This breathing technique will help you to reduce your stress level.

Final Thought:

Anxiety and stress can make you self-focused and self-centered. But focus to be empathetic. Don’t forget to greet the receptionist and other office stuff. Smile and try to engage with others.

In a final line, anxiety is not a bad thing. But don’t let it be an excuse for not doing well in the interview. Try to use it to improve the interview performance of yours.

Good luck!