What Are The In-demand Skills That You Can Acquire That Would Help You Secure Freelance Jobs?


Post date: 2020-04-27 03:48:42

What are the in-demand skills that you can acquire that would help you secure freelance jobs?


In a freelancing job, one work for themselves does take contract work for organizations and companies, which makes them self-employed. It’s a way of living, that showing tremendous growth in the active number of freelancers, all over the globe and expanding outside the traditional genre of content writing, web designing, and maintenance. In India, roughly 15 million freelancers are working online, whereas, it is expected that the number may grow to double every five years.

If you thinking to go for freelancing, and in this modern era of technology, a wide range of free courses and tools are there that will help to make you learn skills to compliment your job.

Here is the list of valuable in-demand 8 freelancing skills, which are going to be extremely popular in the future and will help to increase your earnings, and marketability and unlock the advanced possibilities in your business. And the best part is you can learn them for free!



Marketing is one of the best ways to improve business growth and is a widely recognized proven necessity for every trading. Most companies employ an efficient strategy that comprisesthe multi-channel diverse range of approaches including emails, social media, content, search engine optimization (SEO), and automation. Freelancers are expected to be skilled to handle all of these types of digital marketing. With the increasing popularity of Facebook and Instagram, social media marketing becomes an integral part of any brand recognition. 

Blockchain technology created for cryptocurrency, and quickly evolve to figure out how it can reshape the cybersecurity and financial sectors. If you have a fair idea about the blockchain concept then you will be considered on the top of more traditional skills. It has already been leveraged several big companies like Google, IBM, Samsung, and others are trying to take advantage of blockchains distributed, digitized and secured model to use in industries like logistics, governance, insurance, healthcare, and law. Furthermore, blockchain is just not a trending skill for a year, it has a great future in important sectors like crossbar transactions, identity management, and smart contacts.


  • Accounting& Bookkeeping:

This is one of the in-demand skills right now, as most entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses prefer to hire specialist freelancers rather than having fulltime staff or deal with it on their own.Though there is plenty of accounting software are available, still issues like tax deductions, tax codes are still considered to be complicated.

And bookkeeping is also considered to be boring, tedious and a little confusing job for many business owners. With a detailed knowledge of popular accounting software and an app such as Tally ERP 9, Zoho Books, ProfitBooks, QuickBooks, or Xero you can enjoy doing your freelancing and enable yourself to serve different clients and enhance your revenue as a successful freelancer.

It’s a huge field that has changed dramatically the conventional way we use to access information. It covers, researching free data available over the net and sorts out the reliable sources.

Internet research, data analysis have become an essential part of the e-commerce industry. In today’s life, we all do a little bit of research before even buying a product. Then why will a company go to pay you for that?

The skill is in demand right now as freelancers are expected to browse through voluminous data to look for specialized information and finally offer better content with high-accuracy information. As a result, having this specific skill to access credible source enhance your value as a freelancer.

With the recent wave of cyber-attacks, cybercrimes and high demand for safe and secure data took the world in surprise. To deal with this concern, companies need professionals having skills in this area. The demand is so high, it is expected the demand will surpass the active number of freelancers.

This skill comes with an incredible amount of responsibility to enhance the immunity of an organization. There are lots of opportunities in defence/aerospace firms, financial services, and agencies for cybersecurity professionals. But you have to keep the thing in mind that you will always be challenged by determined and creative hackers. And you must have fair communication skills along with it as this job requires close contact with your client. So having an idea about how cybersecurity works, you can have your peak.


Graphic designing is an in-demand thrived skill on freelancing. According to surveys, jobs of graphic designers expected to increase by 13% by 2020 along with the growth of 61% inthe digital design sector. As companiesand startups do not require graphic designers permanently, so they are looking for talented freelancers who are willing to work on-demand and on a project-basis. Also sourcing the work from freelancers gives the advantage to get newer types of design to cope up with the company’s requirement.

You need to have a strong knowledge of design principles and practices along with a raw talent for style. Even if you are an experienced graphic designer, don’t stop learning to cope up with the latest requirements. There are plenty of graphic designing apps like GIMP, Canva or Pixir to master graphic design skills without paying a single penny.

Many entrepreneurs, individual affiliatesand, small and private businesses, hire freelance writers for SEO (search engine optimization)writing. It’s a mechanism that involves writing keyword-rich articles and turn the regular content into new leads, profits and generate more website traffic. To deal with this constantly changing new challenges in online business, freelancers who can write SEO content are on high demand. Freelancers having SEO editing skills get equal importance as the online marketing specialist. This in-demand skill is an excellent way to break into freelancing writing and with it will often find 20+ jobs waiting for you at a time.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning (ML):

It’s an active mainstream, sophisticated and popular skills in many important business sectors and industries such as mobile devices, car development, video games, manufacturing, business and finance and healthcare.

There is huge scope in AI andML for freelancer; such as


Train Chabot

App/web analytics

Big data Processing


Thousands of big companies, business and organisations all around the globe are coming online by creating their own apps and opening websites. Due to this huge traffic of newly designed app/we, competitions between the businesses increases. Though currently is go high as quantity, once it reaches its boundary it will look for quality. There as a freelancer having expertise in AI and ML will find unique space. And the demand for specialised freelancers in this genre is expected to grow with each year.



  • Final Thought:

The option to build a successful career in freelancing is extensively growing. Moreover, the demand is not only for writers or web designers anymore. With these 8 in-demand freelancing skills those are expected to retain their position for the next few years you are expected to get the better opportunity as a freelancer.