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What To Write On Your LinkedIn Profile When You Are In Search Of A New Job ?


Post date: 2020-05-02 05:45:25

What to write on your LinkedIn when you are in search of a new job?

LinkedIn is one of the best online platforms to connect with the corporate world and search for new opportunities and jobs in the market. It works as your online resume so employers can search for the candidates they need for their jobs and helps aspirant searching for a new job or want to switch from one job to another for better opportunities in the corporate world. But there are some aspects you should keep in mind before creating your account on LinkedIn.

Whether you are creating a new profile or updating your old one, there are some things you should be sure of. These little changes will help you get a new job easier and within no time you will be working on a new job working at a new place where you want to be.


For fresher

It is not easy for a freshman to score a job because of no work experience and lack of skills. If you are a freshman, try to add all the courses and educational qualification you have achieved properly on your profile in a professional way. The details should be real and not made up and if you don’t have any experience-don't lie about it.


For already working employees

If you are already working and want to change your job or position to increase a raise in your salary, the best option is to search for a new job. Add all of your previous work experiences, where you have worked, how much time you have worked at a particular job and all other details on your profile. Do not lie about your past work experiences and job positions on your profile. Try to Make it more professional with a detailed description of your past work experience.


For candidates who are in search of a new job

If you are looking for a new job and you are in between jobs. Do not lie on your profile about a fake job. I know it is a common misconception and the most commonly asked question ‘ If we are in search of a new job and not working, should we write about the last job we had on our profile or should we write about the job we are looking for or add some made-up job title as self-employed? ’. Never add any fake detail on your profile, whether it is about your current job, your experience or anything else. It may seem wise to add a fake job so employers won’t see that you are jobless but it won’t help you the way you think it will. Also never add ‘in search for new opportunities‘ in your about section or job search section, this will directly take you out of the list of the candidates who applied for the job.

These little changes will help you a long way to get the job you want and make your LinkedIn profile more professional.