Why Are Interviews A Challenge?


Post date: 2020-04-02 00:15:49

Be it a fresher or an experienced candidate; the feeling of the interview often makes the person nervous at the thought of it. There are many instances when you are well prepared and yet fail to impress the HR because of excessive sweating or gasping. So why is a placement interview such a challenge for students who are confident most of the time? What makes the interview a disaster at times? So, here let us Collect a few factors that let candidates get into anxiety because of their most important interviews. 

Hierarchy and Authority

Often when entering the interview floor, candidates tend to get that feeling of entering the zone that is filled with people of higher hierarchy. This syndrome often creates a sense of perception that they are inferior and lack the general talent and knowledge than the people in authority. This state of mind is termed as “Lack of confidence,” which can be tamed very well by taking a few leadership courses and other personality development programs. These kinds of programs are available at its best on for your betterment. 



Lack of prior preparation

Not every time the issues happen from the side of the interview panel or the side of the organizational system. Sometimes it is also on behalf of students. Before entering the interview panel, it is mandatory to know the necessary information and details of the company they are attempting placements for. It is compulsory to keep your CV updated and carry your latest portfolio to show the company the best and updated self of yours. 


Fear of Rejection

The biggest fear that hits you even when you are confident is the fear of rejection. At times when we are confused as to whether to reveal certain things or hold on to, we have that one opinion in our mind that says, “What if I get rejected?” This one thought in your mind, doesn’t let you perform well and holds you back. The best way to get rid of this thought process is to make specific life coaching about how to build yourself, especially for entrepreneurship programs. This way, it not only makes you confident about yourself but also makes you independent. This way, you can boost your self-esteem and can attend interviews without fear. The best kind of Entrepreneurship program would be Jimmy Bradbury Entrepreneurship programs. Get your course soon, before the limited period offer gets over at My First Boss™


Interviews are never complicated by themselves. Sometimes we tend to be a little nervous, which makes a very versatile candidate lose his/her self-confidence. Be it, freshers or experienced candidates, these are very common. But the one element that you need to notice is how you take it forward. When mistakes happen for the first time, make sure you correct it for the next. This attitude not only develops yourself but also gives you the confidence to perform better. Also, don’t forget to look into these fantastic self-development courses for long term benefits and development.