Why Leadership? What Is The Significance Of Leadership When You Work In A Team?


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Why Leadership?

Team Leaders Keep the Whole Team Accountable

Team Leaders Can Empower Team Members

A Team Leaders Keep The Projects To Move Forward

Team Leaders Can Simplify and Organized the Decision-making Process


What Are The Must-Have Skills Of A Leader That Helps To Build A Team?

Effective Communication

Ability to Lead


Time Management



Final Thought:


When we discuss the skills required for teamwork in the workplace, our discussion often revolves around a few of the central topics; effective communication skills, logical thinking, and analytical problem-solving ability, sharing a common goal. Each of these skills is truly essential to building a strong team, but often we miss one crucial skill - leadership.

Every team requires a leader who can make sure that each member on the team is moving in the same direction and working towards achieving the same goal.  Good leadership helps you to achieve;

A clear vision for the team.

Design a strategy for achieving the vision.

Motivates all the teammates to use their talents.

Challenges the team to become more innovative and improve their skills.

Monitors each progress whether small or big and directs the entire team to keep them on track.

A leader is important to achieve team success.  Without a highly motivated and clear defined leader, the entire team foundation will collapse. In this article, we will discuss why all the workplace must have strong leadership. 


Why Leadership?


Team Leaders Keep the Whole Team Accountable:


In the absence of any team leader, it is easy for someone to dodge out the responsibilities and hide into the pool of colleagues. To escape that situation, you need a leader in your team setting, who is going to be fully responsible for the team’s results. As being responsible for the whole team, a leader has to be motivated enough to keep all the team members to be accountable for their respective jobs.

Team Leaders Can Empower Team Members:


When you are at the position of being a leader on a team, you must remember the position is not about concentrating power but to give away the power. When you assign a job to the team, you must show your trust in the skills and expertise of the team members. The team leader’s confidence empowers the entire team to carry out the allotted assignments.

Why this confidence or trust is important to empower the team?


When other team members see that as a team leader you have put your trust in one of your colleagues, you don’t think to raise questions. Studies reveal that the level of freedom given to an employee is directly related to his or her work engagements. So, to make your employers excited and engaged about a project, team leader serves the most important part.


A Team Leaders Keep The Projects To Move Forward:


Sometimes it’s become harder to keep all your team members motivated at the same time. So, to get the team's success, it is critical to assign someone whose mission is to keep all of them motivated. A leader can initiate a fruitful conversation about the potential issues and motivate the entire team to be on a track.

Let’s see how can a leader helps to keep a project to move forward. Being in the leading place, one can;

Ensure that all teammates have a clear understanding of the project goal

Define the specific roles within the team

Establish clear deadlines

Describe how each of the roles can contribute to achieving the project goal

Kept the team focused on a common goal to keep the project on task

As each of the team members get a clear perspective of their respective role, they become more engaged and motivated about the project. That plays a crucial role to achieve a goal in pace.


Team Leaders Can Simplify and Organized the Decision-making Process:


With the presence of a team leader, the decision-making process becomes more organized, since only they have the power to give the final verdict. With a leader, it becomes a real struggle for a team to take a tough call. So the entire project and even entire teamwork come under the risk of being stall. So, having a clear-headed person in charge makes it simple to run a team smoothly.


What Are The Must-Have Skills Of A Leader That Helps To Build a team?


When you get a chance and responsibility to lead an organization, you must have the right skill set to achieve success for yourself and the entire team. Being business managers and owners you first need to differentiate between a leader and a boss. You must have a clear idea of which skill sets distinguish each of them. In the following part of the article, we have listed the most important leadership skills that are extremely crucial to get success in team building and overall business.


Effective Communication


To be a good leader you must have good communication skills. To describe your points to the other employees, facilitate other office conversations, you have to make sure that you are a great communicator. Starting from negotiating with someone before hiring, to explain the reasons when you have to fire someone, you have to deal with each aspect of your company.


Ability to Lead


This is the most crucial skill that you must have as a leader. This skill refers to the point that how a leader depicts his or her vision, and share the entire idea with employees, and make them motivated to support that vision.  Each employee must know how his or her contribution affects the company to reach its goal. And the duty of instilling the information to the staff is a part of a leader’s duty.




As a leader, you have to gain respect and trust from fellow team members and clients and customers.  Your integrity and honesty will help to inspire your employees to come up with their best effort and enhance their commitment. Being trusted by your staff also boosts the communication process, and your team members are more likely to come to you if they face any problem that causes hindering in their work. This skill readily expands the reputation of your organization.



Time Management


This skill is often connected in the skill set of employers but it is also a must-have skill for a leader. Being a great leader you not only have to manage your own time but have the credibility to manage the entire organization’s time and effort. You must know how and where you have to invest your time, and how each employee and each sector of his company must spend and utilize their work time.




Confidence is a skill that motivates trust and helps leaders to present themselves along with their respective company well. To make tough calls and important decisions, one needs confidence. Working under tremendous pressure, the leader must be decisive.


Final Thought:


As the team leaders, you must have the most knowledge about the project. But that does not mean that they must have extensive experience with each aspect of the project. Considering all the points discussed in this article you can get the point why leadership skill is so important in your teamwork training.



  1.  Why is effective leadership important?

Effective leadership brings together all the employee and help them to find the common purpose of work towards to achieve purposeful common goals.


  1. Who is a good leader?

Great leaders find the balance between business foresight, and performance. They do have vision, courage, integrity, strategy, and focus to complete a job with the cooperation of the team.