Why Should You Develop Your Skillset Instead Of Trying Hard To Work Overtime?


Post date: 2020-06-18 03:31:51

Why should you develop your skillset instead of trying hard to work overtime?



The Importance of Improving Your Skills:

You’re the driver!

Get a new job

Increase your salary/hourly rate

Impress your HR

Stand out of the crowd

Personal skill development:

Be curious:

Be versatile:

Develop your learning skill:

Shorten your learning skills:

Get feedback through real projects:

What’re the reasons Why You Should Avoid Working Overtime?

Health Problems

You Productivity Will Immensely Decrease

Your Quality of Life Will Decrease

Final thought


Working is always beneficial as it helps to keep someone smart and active, but working overtime is not a solution. Though it might provide you with a little extra salary, you have to sacrifice your physical, mental health for it. Whereas the best part to grow in your career is developing skills.

So let’s discuss the importance of building skills and why you should not consider overtime.


The Importance of Improving Your Skills:


Everybody wants to have a satisfying professional career. But what’s the key to achieving that? While there are lots of feasible potential answers, in my opinion, there are two things you should consider without trying hard to work overtime.


In the very beginning, you should follow your heart. By that, you ensure that you are doing something that matters to you. That is you are doing something out of your passion, not because of only money. Secondly, you should inhabit your entire potential. Without that, it’s not enough just to do what you love to do. You should always try to grow your capacity to the ultimate.

To achieve the fullest potential, developing your skillsets is the final key. Developing your skills will enable you to have better and better value over time. Today, the maximum of the job roles required formal training qualifications to meet the specific requirement of the employers. Let me first sum up, how developing skills provide significant advantages;


You’re the driver!

It’s important to remember you are your mentor, and boss.  No one else is going to help your career development except you, that’s why you need to be the prime mover of change.

Get a new job

The main motive for adding your skillset is to get a new type of job opportunities, which may be more lucrative and interesting. You may add a few extra skills in your skill set by going through retraining or joining a new education course.

Increase your salary/hourly rate

Along with job satisfaction, we need to have the right salary. To increase your salary you need to invest your time in more certification and training courses to make it certain that you end up with a better salary scale.

Impress your HR

Any employers respect self-improvement. Your boss loves individuals who are trying to move forward and develop their skills. Basically, at the time of the interview session, HR likes to consider you over the crowd if you have particular skills required for that job opportunity.

Stand out of the crowd

With days, no job seekers increase exponentially, making the whole process more competitive. So to stand out of crowd you may need to have a unique set of skills. Try to merge your skills and passion to create an unusual creative combination to get a better chance to crack your interview.


Personal skill development:

Let us briefly discuss how you will develop your skillset over time; these tips will be beneficial for you to develop your skills and to smooth your career. So that you ensure that, you are doing what’s matters to you with the satisfaction that you have done your best.

Be curious: Curiosity is one of the essential keys as with curiosity the process of developing skills becomes much more enjoyable. With curiosity, you will be able to go deeper and further than those who have developed their skill sets because they must.

Be versatile: Being versatile means able to adapt to new situations easily and quickly. Having this personal skill means you are a smart learner who knows how to learn and what to learn. And by knowing you can anticipate the future and prepare yourself accordingly.

Develop your learning skill: Learning skills greatly helps you develop other skills. As a professional, motivation is an essential ingredient to have. If you are surely motivated to learn about something, it becomes much easier for you to quickly learn.

Shorten your learning skills: How efficiently you are developing your skill development hangs on the time of your learning cycle. The shorter learning cycle means you are developing skills faster.

Get feedback through real projects: The best paths to enhance your skills is through real projects. As real projects offer you the much-needed feedback to sharpen up your skills. You may find initial failures but they can be your stepping stones to success as they give you important lessons.

What’rethe reasons Why You Should Avoid Working Overtime?

In an alternative, lots of employers think that working overtime may bring benefits to both companies and employees. A lot of us have a belief that working overtime means that more work has been done that will helps to get more money or get promoted for our so-called “hard work”. However, the reality is quite different. Excessive overtime can cause more difficulty than worth. According to the survey, too much work can lead to productivity and health issues hence impact both your career and the growth of the company.


Health Problems

According to studies, working overtime is harmful to your overall health. It increases the risk of heart-related disease and heart attack. A survey shows that people working more than 55 hours per week have a high chance of health issues compared to those having a balanced work-life. Apart from heart issues, diseases like blood sugar, pressure, back injury, depression, and mental injury all are linked with longer working hours. The more time you put into work, the higher risk it becomes.

You Productivity Will Immensely Decrease

Regular overtime can cause fatigue that means you are more likely to be physically and mentally exhausted to do your best. This situation makes it difficult to concentrate and carry out your daily job routine. The lower attention levels might result in poor productivity. On average, an increase of 10% work time may lead to a 2.4% decrease in work productivities.

Your Quality of Life Will Decrease

Work-life balance is one of the major factors in an employer’s life. So naturally, working overtime regularly means you have less time to spend with family and friends. Your overtime may give you the freedom from financial stress, but you may be exhausted to find out time for your family to earn this extra money. Studies reported that by spending so much time at the work-place, you are left with less time for communication with your family and partner that may cause damage to the relationship.

Final thought:

In today’s work culture, employee underperformance has become a common issue of discussion in board meetings. To grow in your career you should focus to build your unique skillset rather than working extra hours.



  1. What are the skills that will help you to increase your effectiveness?


Work-life balance.

Conflict Resolution.




Stress Management.

  1. Can I say no to overtime?

You can refuse to work overtime if you've already worked 10 hours of overtime that week


  1. How do I tell my boss I unhappy at work?

Yes, you can tell but don’t just complain about it, comes with a potential solution.