Your Social Media Profile Can Also Be A Game-Changer In Your Job Search


Post date: 2020-06-24 04:37:32


Create a relevant and complete profile

Try to keep it is as a professional

Highlight skills/ expertise and of course, achievements to attract employers

Join career orientated group and keep in touch with a career-focused connection: 

Have the practice to update your profile more frequently

Provide a proper link to your Gmail

Final Thought




The utility of social media has changed from the following celebrities or creeping on photos to some powerful self-promotional tool. Today, in a job search, social media matters more than ever. It has become a new game-changer for the recruitment industry. Recruiters turn out to the social media sites for hiring procedures. Social media becomes a new resource, to make a great connection that ensures a seamless hiring process. According to a recent survey, 65% of recruiters have made hires using social media sites. So, this number is high enough to make you a bit careful while using your Facebook profile next time. 

Using social media for your job hunting process is something more than updating LinkedIn job history. Also, off sharing your experience and skills in a more personalized way, social media can add humanization factor in the recruitment process for you and your potential recruiter both.

Though all industry does not give equal emphasis on social media, industries like communication and public relation, give social media the top ranking for the hiring process. Reportedly around 82% of this industry uses social media. Even transportation, spectrum, and construction employers use social media at a high rate. 

 Irrespective of which field you are in, you must be aware of how to inline every important information in your social media so that your online portrait becomes attractive to potential recruiters. Here we have listed out all the important things that you must optimize in your social media as a job candidate.

Just follow these following expert tips to get the maximum out of your job hunting process with the help of social media:

Create a relevant and complete profile:

Ensure that your social media profile has all the relevant information about your past employment history, educational background, and all skills and expertise you have. Try to understand what your employers want to see in you. You can’t get enough attention with a half complete resume or blank spaces.

Try to keep it is as a professional:

We know nothing can be kept personal or private in the age of the internet. But none of us wants to miss a potential job opportunity just because of some embarrassing photos or comments on our social handles. Use a friendly only setting to keep the personal stuff out from social media.

Highlight skills/ expertise and of course, achievements to attract employers:

Be cautious about what you want others to see in your career history. Highlight how you have used your expertise to achieve something in your last job or come up with specific goals and do fortify your claims with numbers.

Join career orientated group and keep in touch with a career-focused connection: 

Social media is a great platform to be in touch with your schoolmate or some old hostel roommate. But make sure that most of your social media contact has people who are related to your career. Here you will find great groups like-minded job seekers, and these groups can offer you most industry-specific insights.

Having people more related to career and job in your social handle gives a positive vibe about you. Employers can find out what particular niche do you belong to. 

Have the practice to update your profile more frequently:

Just having a profile in your social media is not enough until you are truly active in it. Update your achievements. It can be getting a new job or getting a promotion. Post it. It does not also look good to have the title on LinkedIn, which remains unchanged for the last ten years!

Provide a proper link to your Gmail:

That’s the most important! What if someone founds your profile interesting and wants to get in touch with you, and you don’t have to provide any contact details on your social page. Or you have mistakenly spelt the Gmail id. Finding a contact ID in your social media must be a matter of second. Link it in such a way, that it looks clear and easy to find. As none have enough time to go for a wild search for your contact info.

Final thought:

You don’t have an idea of what a good social media profile can do in your job search. Apart from having a proper social handle, it is also vital that you are getting the most visibility. Expand your network through social media. In job-hunting through social media, all single step matters. Don’t forget its people who hire other people. Use social media to give your job search a boost and land the opportunity to get into the dream job.

Good luck!