We do understand all the aspects a student may come across their career. STUDENT hereby refers to anyone who is in a learning process. My First Boss is not only restricted to shaping freshers into employees but also shaping them as entrepreneurs.

A bit absurd, but this is the notion of MFB, shaping learners in all possible dimensions. The journey of a young entrepreneur is embarked by limitless obstacles and opportunities. To turn heads of those obstacles and finding those opportunities MFB has commenced its initiative with Mr. Jimmi Bradbury, an executive coach with a beautiful motto "to inspire people to live a life they imagine".

Jimmi's programs focus on totality over the strategies and techniques that are a requisite for an employer/businessperson/entrepreneur. A 30 year long journey in a professional domain has led Jimmi’s lay down all these gems. All you have to do is buy the course from here (here will direct to the respected page), that will enable you to procure the Jimmi’s Bradbury courses at MFB exclusive prices.

This is how we summarize a short sweet note on the Jimmi Bradbury courses.

We say flow with the tide but with some preparations done.  Man, with a plan is a man in the making.

Let yourself suck the elixir of the 30 year experience scribbled in these courses. Working hard is not the only ingredient to be successful in today's era, you a need a mentor who lays down simple but efficient strategies that enable you to steer smoothing in your life.




Let’s have a look over the courses we are offering through MFB. Scroll down over them, apply in any, thus pay and go ahead. Or in case you have any query, do let us know. We are very eager to get to hear your excited voices.


  • Executive Coaching Program - The 12 Steps to Time & Financial Freedom
We do say the course is not for all. If you seem to get rid of your monotonous routines of 9-5 and stop enacting as machines, opt for it. A 12 week coaching program constructed as 1 step a week to maintain your Time and Financial freedom. Think first then apply.
  • Young Entrepreneurs Academy Online Course-12 Steps to be a Young Entrepreneur 'The Life You Imagine'
It's a buffet. A plethora of inputs, strategies, techniques and case studies come with the program. And why not, it enables you to choose the shore heading towards "The life you imagine".


The program will consist of the following deliverables:

Download activities and worksheets, private members group, case studies and more,
4 Modules
Each Module has 3 Lessons (Total 12 Lessons)
Each Lesson will have 5 videos
Total approximately 6 hours of video's training content. Plus more...
You get access to downloads, worksheets, activities, etc.,
Join a community working together in a private online group.


Apart from this, the course offers some extra perk too:

FREE access to ‘Young Entrepreneurs Monthly’ for a year that gives you a saving of ____ /- per annum. You may go ahead to know more about the ‘Young Entrepreneurs Monthly’ course here (it has to contain a link in any).
A big bargain on 20% discount on the course valued ____ per month making it ____. Additionally, get access to Monthly Membership Training Program for a year (_____) for FREE.
Money is the back seater here. The value of the program lies in the fact, it offers a bridge for children or we say entrepreneurs in the making that the educational system can never contrive. These 12 steps will definitely provide you enough head start to turn your imaginations to reality.
(Note: If dissatisfaction is there till the 20th day of the course, ask for a refund. )



Executive Training Membership Program
This program will extrude you out of the 9-5 routine jobs. As per Jimmi, its The Matrix. We can even call it a maze. Your urge to get out of this matrix can be enforced in you full heartedly apply for this program.

Jimmi will go LIVE every month in the online group to share a piece of research on a topic that you certainly help you to track yourself and hence extract you out of the maze. You will get key to AMA (ask me anything) panel too, where Jimmi will answer all your problems and doubts.

This all you get in a handful of money: ____ month with anytime exit policy.

Young Entrepreneurs Academy Membership Program

You have to accept that the best moment of our life is where we are currently living. This is an optimistic approach followed by our course to shape our young generation. As per Jimmi’s, a transformation takes place a series of steps parallelly executed, which is called by TTUA:

  • Teach
  • Train
  • Apply
  • Understand

The result is that transformation, which leads a child to understand his/her abilities. It makes them puppets of their own abilities rather than of their parents and society.

The investment is just a meager _____ per month with any time exit policy.

You get a LIVE session per month by Jimmi comprising of a unique topic with for each session. This is adjoined by Q & A and a live interaction session per month. A weekly AMA (ask me anything) is also conducted to make way to all the problems faced by our young entrepreneurs.


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Executive Coaching Affiliate Program 

 Young Entrepreneurs Academy Online Affiliate Program