Hi, I am Jimmy Bradbury. I am an international executive coach and trainer from The last 30 years (www.jimmibradbury.com). I have spent the last 3 decades working in the major cities of the world and working with all kinds of people, helping them achieve their dreams. And now I coach and mentor people for all types of professions from Olympic athletes, doctors, actors, army officers, leadership and career coaches, to start-up businesses, parents and ‘millennials’ working from home even the CEOs of many multi‐million dollar companies. After all this time of work, I experienced that the difference between people with success and people who are struggling with their careers is the choices they made when they were in school and colleges. I interviewed hundreds of families all over the world and in my research, I found that our school system lacks 4 basic skills that are required by our children to cope up with the modern world. These are..

  • Purpose and meaning of life, mindset and life skills
  • Being creative, problem-solving skills, curiosity and life skills
  • Entrepreneurship, how to think out of the box
  • Opportunities for the future (beyond traditional jobs and trades)

After talking to the parents, understanding their needs and hopes for their children I started to work for a solution to this problem. And after long research and work in 2018, I started the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. I started teaching the students from Australia and now I work on students from all over the world. Every week my academy helps the children with the 4 core problems I observed in our education system. My academy helps the students to understand the meaning of life and their purpose in the world so they understand what is important in life and what is not. It helps them understand and work with the needs of the world, change their mindset about life and help them learn the life skills that are a must for a successful life. I help them with getting creative with their ideas and to work on them, how they can help the society, the basic logic and daily life skills. I teach them how to be an entrepreneur, how to work on your ideas with creativity, how to sell your idea and help them learn entrepreneur skills that are must in this m2odern world. How to create a job for you and help create jobs for other people. With my academy, I have transformed many lives around the world and by helping them understand who they are and how to work on themselves so they can fulfil their dreams and build the life they have imagined for themselves.

I want to help children understand who they want to be in their life and not who they are expected to be from society. Help them explore the world with millions of possibilities and help them achieve their dreams and inspire them to go beyond their horizon. I want children to get the real sense of life to be different to think out of the box and have a life they always wanted but thought was never possible, help their mental health, manage stress, be happy, successful and content in life. I call this ‘ living the life You imagined’ and I have helped so many lives with this.

I wish to help more and more children all over the world and with my international program I want to connect with children all around the world so they can take the benefits of my experience and research from my young entrepreneur academy.


We know the life of a student is not easy and understand all the things he has to go through for his career. A student here stands for anyone who is learning for a better life. My first boss helps the students not to just get employed but prepare them to be an entrepreneur. This is our aim at MFB, to help our students become the best version of themselves. Being an entrepreneur is tough, it approaches you with opportunities but puts the best of your abilities at tests and to help you guide your way through this journey MFB has commenced with Mr Bradbury, an executive coach honored with international affiliation inspiring people with his motto ‘Live the Life you Imagined‘.

Jimmy Bradbury has worked for more than 30 years in the professional market helping people with their dreams and with his experience he created a program to impart the skills and techniques required for a young entrepreneur /businessperson/employer.

Teaching you the necessary entrepreneur skills you need for’ living the life you imagined’. Jimmy Bradbury’s international program will help you like the wind you need to sail your boat to the shore of your dreams.’ Well begun is half done ‘ -Aristotle. Jimmi’s program helps you start your journey in the right direction. Take advantage of the 30 Years of his experience and work with the program and make the best career for yourself. Working hard is not the only requirement in today’s world. You need a mentor to guide you with the required strategies and techniques to steer your life in the right direction.


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