Competency Assessments is an online job profiling and competency assessment software changing corporate working worldwide. It combines the expertise of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioners, Psychotherapists, Behavioral Psychologists, and IT Professionals to generate a special report used for employment.

How the Competency Assessments works:

Competency Assessments works on a sophisticated algorithm that identifies the behavioral patterns of people. These patterns help to prepare a report based on attributes like skills, strengths, weaknesses of a person called Competency assessment that can be used by employers/students/candidates to understand their needs better.

Benefits of Competency Assessments:

Competency Assessments can be used to assess different candidates for the job based on their skill Assessments and helping the HR departments select the best candidates for the job with less time and workforce spent on the hiring process.
Competency Assessments can be used in schools and colleges for assessment of students based on different competencies and helping the institutions understand every student, his strengths and weaknesses, and the field he will prosper the most, helping the students build a better future.
Competency Assessments can be used to assess the teaching staff in institutions and colleges. Its Skill assessment for university lecturers helps the administration to improve the skills of their teachers and provide required training for improvement in results.
Competency Assessments works on different competencies that can be changed as per the need of the individual. It can be used for the self-assessment of IT professionals improving their skills and help them develop with the required training.

-Individual Assessments-


Behaviour Analysis

For whom: Anyone

Everyone is wired differently and has a varied skill set. Similarly, different jobs need different potential or skill. When the potential /skill in a person is synchronized with the skills required in the job he is working on, s/he performs the best. The report evaluates the personality behavior of the individual. The characteristics included are descriptions of core behavior in personality which the individual exhibits in general. They may or may not have a direct impact on the specific job to be considered.

Fee : 999/- 599/-

Special Caution Report

For whom: Anyone

The increasing unpleasant incident at the workplace has made it imperative to evaluate employees on negative behavioral patterns. The report to assess 12 negative aspects of human behavior. The assessment can identify, assess and describe traits to caution the management about the high-risk behaviors and take necessary precautions.

Fee : 999/- 599/-