ComPAS is a breakthrough, 100% online job profiling and competency assessment software suite, on the threshold of revolutionizing human resource management worldwide. The “ComPAS Team” is comprised of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioners, Psychotherapists, Behavioural Psychologists, and IT Professionals. The people behind the team have years of expertise in the relevant area and have put in years of research which made these online services possible.

How ComPAS works:

People exhibit specific, identifiable and repeated patterns in different situations of life and work. These patterns determine their capabilities, skills-sets, attitudes, beliefs, and values. ComPAS can pick up these patterns, measures the 'employability skills'/strengths/ weaknesses in a person and can generate precise reports for an employer/students/candidates/others.

Benefits of ComPAS Assessments:

ComPAS Assessments helps corporates to identify and pick up the right candidates to perform jobs and thereby increase the productivity and efficiency of the workforce.
It helps candidates to identify which job suits them the best by knowing their overall strengths and weaknesses.
It helps HR executives to assess the candidates well in advance before sending them to the corporates for final interview and also keep track / monitor them while sending to corporates.
It helps schools/colleges in recognizing personal skill set of students.
It helps Professional Institutions to build their students' resume Database for placement with soft skills rating and allow to expose the DB to corporates for recruitment online.
It helps schools/colleges/institutions to ensure a safe environment for students.
It helps students in reducing confusion about choosing an education stream.
Apart from the technical skills and academic qualifications, there are dozens of employability skills that companies are looking for in their employees. Even if one has the good technical skill, to excel and perform well in any field, one needs these employability skills. These skills are sets of unconsciously repeated patterns of responses and behaviors to different situations in life and work. These patterns are specific, identifiable and measurable. We have developed effective and appropriate tools to pick up these patterns, identify their employability, assess and match them to life and work situations to achieve excellence.

How it is different from competitors:

Need-based customization of Competency profiling and Assessment
Reports are short & precise
Reports training need analysis

-Individual Assessments-


Behaviour Analysis

For whom: Anyone

Everyone is wired differently and has a varied skill set. Similarly, different jobs need different potential or skill. When the potential /skill in a person is synchronized with the skills required in the job he is working on, s/he performs the best. The report evaluates the personality behavior of the individual. The characteristics included are descriptions of core behavior in personality which the individual exhibits in general. They may or may not have a direct impact on the specific job to be considered.

Fee : 999/- 599/-

Special Caution Report

For whom: Anyone

The increasing unpleasant incident at the workplace has made it imperative to evaluate employees on negative behavioral pattern. The report to assess 12 negative aspects of human behavior. The assessment can identify, assess and describe traits to caution the management about the high-risk behaviors and take necessary precautions.

Fee : 999/- 599/-