Assessments For Corporates/Industries:

We proudly introduce My first boss as a pioneer for training and helping the growth of your professional and corporate world force. With our long term research, we have invented Competency Assessments (Competency Profiling and Assessment Services), which will change the ways of the corporate world, giving a whole new corporate makeover to your business with a first in the class online hiring process.

Why is it important?

Competency Assessments is an online test that helps you evaluate your candidate`s decision making, intelligence, and personal and professional attitude in your workplace and under real work scenarios helping you select the best candidate for your job.

Assisting the employer:

1.Getting the right person for their job
2.Provide corporate training for improving employees skills
3.Minimizing factors reducing workforce full potential
4.Save time from individual examination and interviews of your candidates


Job Profile Analysis

For whom: Corporate Staff (training)

Get to know your candidates better before actually hiring them based on their productivity, operational excellence, and performance. Help you reduce your time and cost spent during recruitment processes and also help you provide corporate training to your seasoned staff for more growth and fewer expenses. Best software for recruitment training.

Fee : 999/- 599/-

Training Need Analysis

For whom: Anyone (Based on a job functionality)

• Competency Assessments helps you assess the difference between the current performance of your candidates and the requirement of the job. • Helping you provide the required corporate training to your staff and helping them increase the output of the system with less workforce helping your organization achieve organizational leadership.

Fee : 999/- 599/-

Job Profile Layering

For whom: Corporate Staff

Understand your staff better. Help them understand the requirements of the work and help them with corporate competencies. Work on their corporate skills development for improving your workforce. Help them learn new ways of the market and reduce their work strain with new techniques helping them. Improve their work skills to produce more growth with less attrition.

Fee : 999/- 599/-

Leadership Report

For whom: Corporate staff / Anyone

With leadership function, Competency Assessments helps to improve the efficiency of your organization with the help of our corporate leadership techniques. Competency Assessments evaluates 15+ types of leadership functions and offers you to choose the best role for your candidates in your organization. We help in increasing the work efficiency of your individuals with corporate skill development.

Fee : 2499/- 1499/-

Sales Competency Analysis

For whom: Corporate staff / Anyone

An increase in the sales of a company is the best display of growth. Competency Assessments evaluates sales on 30 different competences giving you an overall report including how to behave with a particular client and improve your sales with them, helping in overall increase and growth in sales.

Fee : 599/- 599/-

Assessment for Aviation

For whom: Pilot / Ground Staff / Cabin Crews

Competency Assessments helps you keep an eye on the psychological effect of a job on your candidate. This can be used in professions like aviation, where the assessment of the mental health of pilot is required. The test is on par with IATA norms measuring competencies like mental abilities, operational, psychomotor tasks, strategic, management, and aptitude technical analysis.

Fee : 999/- 599/-

Police Force

For whom: Police Officials

Competency Assessments measures specific competencies for the better assessment of candidates for different ranks in police ranging from SI and above. These include Managing diverse activities, handling criticism, responding to conflicting instruction, work-life balance, capable team leadership, empathy, people-friendly. Competency Assessments can also be used for lower rank officials for recruitment purposes.

Fee : 999/- 599/-

Health Services

For whom: Nurses/ Doctors/ Technical staff

The Competency Assessments tool works on specific attributes to recruit the best medical staff for you based on 12 particular factors like Clinical competencies, health management, effective communication, dexterity, assertiveness, managing stress, assertiveness, process complaints helping attitude, diagnostic skill, investigation, people-friendly, etc Helping you find the best staff for your healthcare department and working on your staff for better performance.

Fee : 999/- 599/-

Heavy Vehicle Drivers Assessment

For whom: Heavy Vehicle Licensed Drivers

With our mental health and psychological assessments, you can choose a better candidate based on his mental abilities and how he may perform in different situations, helping you select the candidate with the least error possibilities.

Fee : 999/- 599/-

Cab Drivers Assessment

For whom: Cab Drivers

With Competency Assessments, you can measure different abilities and behavior of your candidates and find the best for your cab driver need reducing cases of ill behavior, robbery, and any antisocial activity and avoid any future problems. The tool measures ten specific competencies for cab drivers like navigating skills, people-friendly, customer focus, rescue operations, accountability, travel interest, assertiveness, caretaker, follow instructions, me management.

Fee : 999/- 599/-