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Join the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Online Course - The 12 Steps to help you live a 'Life YOU Imagine

We all have dreamed of our perfect life when we were a kid but most of us are not living it because of so many reasons. We all have different dreams. So why work the same way as others. Most of us never had the proper guidance to work on our dreams to make them real. Every human knows about his needs better than the society, his friend or his family. But when we are young, our career is chosen by our parents, teachers and career counselors who make the decision based on their knowledge and experience but our world is changing the new world and we need to change the way we think. And as a result, most of our present generation is not satisfied with their career choices or the way they are living because of one decision they did not take by thinking for themselves, the one decision on which our whole life depends. The education system we have today is not modern enough for the present generation. We live in a world which changes constantly with time but our education system is the same from the past so many decades. There are a lot of people who chose the wrong stream or career when they had the choice and are not satisfied with their job. The education system we have still offered the traditional jobs and degrees which are just the tip of an iceberg in our modern world. It may be late for them but not for you

95 % of the world’s wealth is in the hands of 5% of the world’s population and 95% of the world population has only 5% of the total world's wealth. The difference between that 5% and the rest of the population is that one decision they took right when they had the chance.

Our education system may not be wrong but in our constantly changing world, there is a gap between the skills and knowledge required for the new world and the knowledge we are provided in our schools. The world around us is changed by entrepreneurs around the globe but we were never taught in our school to work on our ideas. Entrepreneur skills are a must in our world but we are never provided with the required training for being an entrepreneur and working on our ideas. This is the reason why most of our young generation do not think about changing the world because they were never taught to think differently and that’s the reason for major unemployment in our world. We are prepared for a job that may or may not be the best option for us and this is the thing we want to change in today's world.


The young entrepreneur academy gives you an online course created for helping children all over the world. The course has 12 steps to make sure you ‘live the life you imagined ‘ It teaches the young students and their parents the important life skills needed in this modern world that no school has ever taught. It works on the mindset, life skills, creativity and thinking of the students so they prepare themselves for the future and work on their dreams.

The online course consists of 4 modules and 12 lessons.

Each lesson has 5 parts, each part is a combination of teaching and activities that will help the children understand the course better. Each part is a ten minutes video so that the students don’t lose their focus.

Each of these lessons helps the students with the 4 core problems of our education system . All the video lessons collectively are less than 7 hours and this online course in entrepreneurship and working on the mindset of the children and help them become an entrepreneur and not base themselves for traditional career choices only. Along with the lessons, students are provided with worksheets and lesson notes so they can practice and understand the course better.

Every module consists of three lecture

Module 1 – It’s all about YOU
  • Lesson 1 – The Route to Happiness and Fulfilment
  • Lesson 2 - Mindset
  • Lesson 3 - Life skills
Module 2 – Using your Imagination, Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Lesson 1 – How to develop the ‘Super’ Idea
  • Lesson 2 - The P-I-S-O Concept
  • Lesson 3 - Create a Mastermind
Module 3 – Entrepreneurship
  • Lesson 1 - Think Different, Dream Big
  • Lesson 2 - Leverage Technology
  • Lesson 3 - Find Your Tribe
Module 4 Your Future
  • Lesson 1 - The Options – Then vs Now
  • Lesson 2 - Understanding Finance and Investment
  • Lesson 3 - Live the Life You Imagine

The online course works on the important skills needed by our young generation in life today like the course for improving communication skills - Life Skills, Mindset. The lecturers work on the thinking and mindset of the students and prepare them for the future after school.

Bonus Module – Putting it to end:

This transformation journey of the students is based on the holistic integrated approach I teach which is based on 4 pillars, these are

  • Teach – the students my real-life experience and wisdom I have after 30’years of working and living around the globe.
  • Train - Students and make learn from my lessons
  • Understand - With the help of exchanging in activities
  • Apply- the knowledge in their daily life.

For supporting all the students and their parents, there is a private community group to help them with the course and once a month personally go live with all the members of the international program and teach them a new skill and topic I am working on. I will have an interactive session with the students providing them with a course for improving communication skills and provide live coaching every month called ‘ deep dive monthly ‘ to help them with their doubts and problems.

The Objective of the course

The objective of the Young entrepreneur academy is to provide online courses in internship and help them understand who they are, what are their strengths, their weaknesses, work on their dreams, build a better future for themselves, help the society with new ideas, enjoy their work, and increase the horizon of their thinking so they have a life they imagined and dreamed of.