“Discuss The Reason To Leave Your Last Job!” Seven Good Reasons That Your Next HR Manager Will Understand!

Index Limited opportunity for career growth:

Stuck With Difficult People In Your Workplace? How To Deal With The Situation!

Index Stay Calm

Tips To Cool Down At The Date Of Interview

Index Be careful to eat light and keep yourself hydrated before an interview

3 Most Common Interview Questions You Will Have To Face!

Index: Question 1: Tell me about yourself. Question 2: Why do you want to work for

Done With College! And Don’t Know How To Start A Job Search?

Index Why do fresh grad students face problems?

How Brands Reacted To WFH Trends

Index In response to Coronavirus how consumer purchase behavior has changed?

Your Social Media Profile Can Also Be A Game-Changer In Your Job Search

Index Create a relevant and complete profile Try to keep it is as a professional Highlight skills/ expertise and of course, achievements to attract employers

Are You Looking For A Job Opportunity During Covid-19? Skills You Must Have Considered!

Index Forward Planning Skills or Organizational Skills How to improve or

Going To Face A Virtual Interview? Tips And Tricks To Get Prepared!

Index Test Your Technology Camera Position

Top Mistakes Job Seekers Make Today

Index Aimless job search Rel

Better Interview Bootcamp

As a job seeker, you need to get prepared for your interview. You need to research everything about the company, about the industry. You have to get prepared for all the expected tough questions. To be clam, and to combat nervousness on the date of the interview, you have to deal with the psychology to impress your interviewer, potential HR managers, and recruiters. As you have already known, most of the job posts are not advertised publicly. You have to go some extra miles to find your space in your dream office.



Skills You Must Have As A Student To Be Successful In The Future Job Market

Skills you must have as a student to be successful in the future job market Index Digital literacy

What Are The Qualities You Need To Be A CEO?

  Index Reliability How to be relia

Do You Think Back Office Is Not Important For An Organisation?

Index The back-office is not as equally important as the front office? Back-office: the pillar of the organization’s operational and financial succes

How To Negotiate A Massive Raise (even If You Don't Know How To Negotiate)

  Index First, make a list of your achievement that is beneficial for your company:

The Skills Employers Want Most During The Pandemic

Index Be flexible and adaptable Tech Savviness

Why Leadership? What Is The Significance Of Leadership When You Work In A Team?

Index Why Leadership? Team Leaders Keep the Whole Team Accountable

Why Should You Develop Your Skillset Instead Of Trying Hard To Work Overtime?

Why should you develop your skillset instead of trying hard to work overtime?   Index The Importance of Improving Your Skills:

How Good Should Your Persona And Your Language Be When You Choose Your First Job?

Index The Top traits that hiring authorities look into a fresh college graduate: Communication: Problem-solving & Decision making: Ability to adapt things quickly: Personality does matter more in cracking job interview than you might think: Why personality is as crucial as having the right expertise for a specific job role? How to develop a good personality? Final Thought   &nb

Why Is ‘Training Needs Analysis’ Important To A Corporate?

Training is an integral part of any corporate environment. But does it always produce the desired results? Various training needs analysis models have suggested that - training can be successful if and only if the “Training needs” of the participants can be properly evaluated. But, there is no definite formula for success here as these needs can vary from person t

You Can Crack The Interview But Cannot Retain The Job For A Longer Period? What Is Lacking?

 You can crack the interview but cannot retain the job for a longer period? What is lacking?  

Finding The Skills You Need To Succeed In This Difficult Job Market

  Finding the skills you need to succeed in this difficult job market Within the last couple of months, we have received a lot of applications from your side where

LinkedIn Endorsements: All You Need To Know

LinkedIn Endorsements: All you need to know Index:

What You Study Is Not Exactly How You Work

What you study is not exactly how you work   Index:

Why Are Students Being Unemployed Despite The Increase In The Number Of Corporates?

Why are students being unemployed despite the increase in the number of corporates? Index Why traditional college/university education

How Do I Outperform In A GD

How do I outperform in a GD: INDEX

Effective Ways To Network During Crisis

Effective Ways to Network During Crisis Index:

Any Questions? What Should I Ask In An Interview?

Any Questions? What should I ask In an Interview?

Laid Off & Looking For A Job : Job Search Checklist

Laid off &looking: Job search Checklist: Index:

7 Mistakes To Avoid To Ace Your Interview

  7 Mistakes to Avoid to Ace Your Interview   Index: Not researching the company

The Vision Behind My First Boss Through The Founder’s Eyes…

The Vision Behind My First Boss through the founder’s eyes…   Every new innovation has a vision behind it, a vision to change the world make the life of the society and its people easier and with such a vision and thinking. Mr Narendra Khanna started My First Boss, a new way to help the students and candidates

Stuck With Job Searches: Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid

Stuck With Job Searches: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid   Index Mistake Checklists (Top 10) You Must Avoid:

What To Write On Your LinkedIn Profile When You Are In Search Of A New Job ?

What to write on your LinkedIn when you are in search of a new job? LinkedIn is one of the best online platfo

10 Skills That You Can Master Within 30 Days

10 Skills that you can master within 30days: Though the idea of mastering a new skill is daunting, as it consumes time, here is a complete list of 10 skills that will take less than a month to learn online to start a new income stream.    

15 Skills That Would Help You Earn Passive Income Working From Home

  15 Skills that would help you earn passive income working from home: Passive income is related to the phrase of making money while sleeping. It&rsq

What Are The In-demand Skills That You Can Acquire That Would Help You Secure Freelance Jobs?

What are the in-demand skills that you can acquire that would help you secure freelance jobs?   In

With Global Evolutions What Are The Skills And Industries That Would Hold The Highest Demand As In 2025?

With global evolutions what are the skills and industries that would hold the highest demand as in 2025? We’re amid the transformation of the 4th industrial revolution that will directly change our work landscape across the globe, irrespective of industries. According to the World Economic Forum

What Companies Have A Culture Of Work From Home Without The Plight Of Lockdown?

To disrupt the spread of coronavirus, the maximum of the employers have forced to work from homes for about a month after the government has announced the lockdown. But even before the COVID-19 situation, it’s standard practice for a few companies. Flexjobs, a job search website specialized in flexible job openings, ranks the top 100 companies that offer virtual or remote working each year. Companies listed by it offer jobs across various industries, including technology, hospitality, health care, education, and training. When you are

Top Software For Students And Corporate Employees For Working Online

We live in a world where everything is online, whether it shopping for clothes, books, electronics or groceries for everyday use. We can order anything online and get it delivered at our doorstep. With everything evolving so quickly all the traditional work practices are changing online. There was a time when students had to leave their home town for preparing competitive exams and higher studies but now with this digital era, we can learn from the best teacher in the world sitting in our bedrooms. The work culture has also changed from the regular 9-5 office jobs to work from home where you can just sit on your couch in your regular clothes and work with all your efficiency wit

5 Soft Skills You’ll Need To Get Hired Post-Crisis

  Getting your dream job is not only about that you rock the technical aspects and having all the hard skills of the required job. If it is all about the technical abilities then there would be a little reason for hiring authorities to conduct a job interview. Recruiters look for the most important skills one must have in a professional environment, and those are the hardest to learn. These are technically termed as “soft skill”, crucial to be fit in any work environment.  In a recent study by the American Psychological Association, it suggests th

How To Choose The Right Skills To Include On Your Resume?

  Have you ever felt that you are the best fit for a job opening, but you even didn’t get a call for the interview? When it comes to self-assessment and self-advertising through a resume we often feel confused. That’s why writing a resume is a difficult balancing task. You have to keep it short but enough information to make an impression. To compete with today’s job market, it’s really essential that your CV stands out of the crowd. To make sure of that, you have to focus on the skills you possess, as hiring managers shows a particular interest

Schools And Colleges Aren't Enough For Being Industry Ready

  Index Why just having a degree is not adequate to find a good job The importance of having skill How to supplement degree with skill Final thought   The most common question you have come across with a recent college graduate is, “Don’t know why I can’t get a job, though I do have a degree from college.” They got confused with the fact after sending 50 resumes, they only get back 2-3 responses. After finishing school, attending a college has become a socially demanding pa

From An Employer's Point Of View, Why Is An Employee Fired?

Employers and employee work ideally depend on each other in any job. So what causes an employer to fire an employee? Or why do employees get fired? Well in this article, let us look at the number of reasons from an employer's point of view, why an employee is fired.     You have to keep in mind that employers do not

This Recession Has Brought A Wide Drop In Job Intake For This Academic Year. What To Do Further?

Every year thousands of students are placed in different companies after the end of their last semesters, but this year the things are not the same. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the economy of the world has gone into recession, whether it's Tokyo or New York all the economies have collapsed due to the lockdowns to fight against coronavirus outbreak. The lockdown was the only option to fight to save lives and help us control the pandemic, but this lockdown has resulted in the recession all over the world. All businesses, whether small or large, have suffered a significant loss of capital in the fight ag

Seven Things To Keep In Mind During Your Student To Employer Transition

After graduation from a college, you are no longer a student, and it’s a life-changing transition and terrific planning, where suddenly you are expected to act like an adult. This transition may seem complicated, but there are ways by which you can successfully transition from your university/college to the next phase i.e., the professional career of your life and get your job the best start. The primary key is to make a plan of action as early as possible and try to follow it. The strategy of action must be evolved from your career goals, internship experience, and your potential area where you think you

How To Get Your Resume Past ATS In 2020?

Today, almost all the online submitted resumes to most of the large organizations must go through scanning under applicant tracking systems (ATS). So it's not a fun fact that many job applications go to trash even before they got a chance to seen by human eyes. Recruiters use the ATS to read and rank the resume to narrow down the number of applications to only those that are relevant to that job. Unfortunately, you can say the ATS is a necessary evil in the modern job search world. To earn more

How To Impress Your HR?

Working on getting a job means moving to an organization and convincing them to make them realize you are the best for them. The first person you would come in contact with would be the HR. The only way you can grab the job is by impressing the HR in the interview. Making yourself the best person among the waiting candidates can be a not-so-complicated task. Here we introduce five tips that could make you stand out of the crowd!

Why Are Interviews A Challenge?

Be it a fresher or an experienced candidate; the feeling of the interview often makes the person nervous at the thought of it. There are many instances when you are well prepared and yet fail to impress the HR because of excessive sweating or gasping. So why is a placement interview such a challenge for students who are confident most of the time? What makes the interview a disaster at times? So, here let us Collect a few factors that let candidates get into anxiety because of their most important interviews. 

Hiring Of Blue-Collar Employees Becoming A Challenge Online

In today's technological world, finding a job online isn't a tough task. Yes, My First Boss online portals can help you find the right post that you wish to have. But for a few, just having relevant skills never really gets them anywhere. Usually, if you are looking for any software or IT-related jobs, then upload your resume and other details of work experience typically gets you the job. But then for

How To Cooperate With A Bad Boss?

Workplaces can be mixed affairs of ups and downs. You can have a positive or negative experience based on the person that is running the company. Yes, if your (My First Boss) boss is perfect, then your work life can be a peaceful affair. But it can soon turn out to be a difficult place to survive if they are bad or horrible. Thus, if you want to learn the tips and tricks in cooperating with such bosses, then read on. We have some particular ways through which you can deal with them.     Identification Is Key  

Academia Vs Industry

Often, it’s regarded that the skills and knowledge inherited through your academics are enough to face the real world. Some might believe in this, while others beg to differ. It’s a mixed affair, but once an individual faces the challenges that are thrown at them when they join an industry, it's evident that things learned in academics aren’t enough to face industry requirements.   The demand that any industry requires to kee

How Does A Soft Skills Training Helps In Personal Development?

Gone are the days when hard skills/subject knowledge was thought to be the sole criteria for success in careers. Employers these days know that even if one does not have the requisite subject knowledge, it can always be acquired through adequate training- provided the person has the right competency-mix to learn. Personality and soft skills are two important competencies an employer always looks for in a candidate nowadays as they can make that ‘make-or-break’ difference in job performances.

How To Cope Up With Interview Rejection?

Rejections are always a stressing ingredient in lifestyle, they make you worry and sometimes anxious also. Many people try to handle rejection in their own ways and on their own terms, some are looking for comfort so others are looking for denial. Handling rejection is key to building yourself, you have to learn a lot from rejection. Somehow it is something which is opening doors for you to a brighter future. So, accept your rejection, make a truce with it. Later, reflect on it. Reflection on anything you are achieving in life is the most self-growing activit

Benefits Of Interview Preparation Service

Are you having a #job interview lined up shortly? Then it’s time to buckle up your shoes and prepare! Give a new direction and impetus to your interview preparation with the unique #Interview Preparation Service by #MyFirstBoss. It can assist you with the Do’s and Don’ts for an interview and you will be able to create that important "first-impression" du

How To Improve Communication Skills And Personality Development

Communication is said to be the ‘heart’ of an organization as effective communication aligns the entire workforce towards achieving the set objectives. Be it requesting information, discussing problems, giving instructions, interacting with clients/colleagues, working in teams- you will need good communication skills in every walk of a professional environment. This is why, recruiters l

Soft Skills Required For A Computer Engineer

Are you looking for jobs in computer engineering? Then what are the skills you think you must have? No, we are not talking about your technical skills and competencies. Gone are the days when hard skills/subject knowledge

All You Need To Know About Online Behavior Analysis

Are you up for the new trends happening in the field of recruitment? Successful organizations look for behavioral competencies in a candidate, more than technical skills/academic qualifications these days. Because, they have acknowledged the fact that subject knowledge/technical skills can always be acquired through adequate training- provided a person