Why Are Interviews A Challenge?

Be it a fresher or an experienced candidate; the feeling of the interview often makes the person nervous at the thought of it. There are many instances when you are well prepared and yet fail to impress the HR because of excessive sweating or gasping. So why is a placement interview such a challenge for students who are confident most of the time? What makes the interview a disaster at times? So, here let us Collect a few factors that let candidates get into anxiety because of their most important interviews. 

Hiring Of Blue-Collar Employees Becoming A Challenge Online

In today's technological world, finding a job online isn't a tough task. Yes, My First Boss online portals can help you find the right post that you wish to have. But for a few, just having relevant skills never really gets them anywhere. Usually, if you are looking for any software or IT-related jobs, then upload your resume and other details of work experience typically gets you the job. But then for

How To Cooperate With A Bad Boss?

Workplaces can be mixed affairs of ups and downs. You can have a positive or negative experience based on the person that is running the company. Yes, if your (My First Boss) boss is perfect, then your work life can be a peaceful affair. But it can soon turn out to be a difficult place to survive if they are bad or horrible. Thus, if you want to learn the tips and tricks in cooperating with such bosses, then read on. We have some particular ways through which you can deal with them.     Identification Is Key  

Academia Vs Industry

Often, it’s regarded that the skills and knowledge inherited through your academics are enough to face the real world. Some might believe in this, while others beg to differ. It’s a mixed affair, but once an individual faces the challenges that are thrown at them when they join an industry, it's evident that things learned in academics aren’t enough to face industry requirements.   The demand that any industry requires to kee

How Does A Soft Skills Training Helps In Personal Development?

Gone are the days when hard skills/subject knowledge was thought to be the sole criteria for success in careers. Employers these days know that even if one does not have the requisite subject knowledge, it can always be acquired through adequate training- provided the person has the right competency-mix to learn. Personality and soft skills are two important competencies an employer always looks for in a candidate nowadays as they can make that ‘make-or-break’ difference in job performances.

How To Cope Up With Interview Rejection?

Rejections are always a stressing ingredient in lifestyle, they make you worry and sometimes anxious also. Many people try to handle rejection in their own ways and on their own terms, some are looking for comfort so others are looking for denial. Handling rejection is key to building yourself, you have to learn a lot from rejection. Somehow it is something which is opening doors for you to a brighter future. So, accept your rejection, make a truce with it. Later, reflect on it. Reflection on anything you are achieving in life is the most self-growing activit

Benefits Of Interview Preparation Service

Are you having a #job interview lined up shortly? Then it’s time to buckle up your shoes and prepare! Give a new direction and impetus to your interview preparation with the unique #Interview Preparation Service by #MyFirstBoss. It can assist you with the Do’s and Don’ts for an interview and you will be able to create that important "first-impression" du

How To Improve Communication Skills And Personality Development

Communication is said to be the ‘heart’ of an organization as effective communication aligns the entire workforce towards achieving the set objectives. Be it requesting information, discussing problems, giving instructions, interacting with clients/colleagues, working in teams- you will need good communication skills in every walk of a professional environment. This is why, recruiters l

Soft Skills Required For A Computer Engineer

Are you looking for jobs in computer engineering? Then what are the skills you think you must have? No, we are not talking about your technical skills and competencies. Gone are the days when hard skills/subject knowledge

Why Is ‘Training Needs Analysis’ Important To A Corporate?

Training is an integral part of any corporate environment. But does it always produce the desired results? Various training needs analysis models have suggested that - trainings can be successful if and only if the “Training needs” of the participants can be properly evaluated. But, there is no definite formula for success here as these needs can vary from person

All You Need To Know About Online Behavior Analysis

Are you up for the new trends happening in the field of recruitment? Successful organizations look for behavioral competencies in a candidate, more than technical skills/academic qualifications these days. Because, they have acknowledged the fact that subject knowledge/technical skills can always be acquired through adequate training- provided a person