From An Employer's Point Of View, Why Is An Employee Fired?


Post date: 2020-04-16 05:39:22

Employers and employee work ideally depend on each other in any job. So what causes an employer to fire an employee? Or why do employees get fired? Well in this article, let us look at the number of reasons from an employer's point of view, why an employee is fired.


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You have to keep in mind that employers do not enjoy firing an employee and is certainly not easy. But as per the employment agreement, there are always certain pre-defined reasons why employers fire employees. Let us take a look at some of them.


  • Failure to adhere to the agreement:

One of the major reasons why employers fire employees is because of the failure of an employee to adhere to his employment agreement. Before being hired, every employee has to agree with the terms and conditions of his job. He can be fired from his job if he fails to follow these terms and conditions.


  • Inability to complete work:

Another common reason why an employee loses his or her job is the inability to complete given work. Some companies focus on quality whereas, some focus on quantity. Despite this, every organization wants its employees to finish the work with particular targets. Failure to meet these targets could result in an employer firing the employee. 


  • Reduction in productivity / poor performance:

If the employee has slowly regressed in his productivity, it could lead to him losing his job. If you were an employer, you would also not want to hold on to someone who isn't giving you quality service, would you?


  • Inability to work as a team:

Employers are responsible for the overall functioning of the business. They have to ensure that the employees can cooperate and work together. If there is any employee who cannot do this for any reason, he faces the possibility of losing his job. 


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  • Violating company policy or ethics:

Every organization has its ethics by which they function. If any company finds out that an employee has violated the company policy in any way, they have to fire him. 


  • Taking too much leave:

Another reason why an employer may fire an employee is the amount of leave the employee takes. All companies and organizations have a stipulated period of leave for every employee. If any employee takes advantage of this, they face the possibility of losing their jobs.


  • Creating a scandal:

If an employee creates a scandal at the workplace, you can be sure he or she will be fired. The reason behind this is any scandal related to a company reduces the company reputation. Especially when it is gender-based scandals. Thus it leaves no option for an employer other than to fire the employee. 


  • Damaging company property:

As an employee, you may enjoy a lot of benefits in your workplace. The employers provide a lot of facilities at the workplace to create a better atmosphere at work. But if an employer finds that his employee is damaging these facilities, he will have to fire him. 


  • Stealing from the organization / Fraud:

Though this may not be very common, an employer has to deal with the possibility of his employee stealing from the organization. If there is such a situation, the employer will fire the employee to save the interest of the company. 


  • The incapability of the candidate:

There are numerous instances of candidates lying on their resumes and putting on a fake facade of knowledge to get the job. In such situations, after a period of work the employer realizes the candidates' incapability to carry out the job. The employer has no option but to fire the employee. 

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  • Failure to Maintain work discipline:

Organizations follow strict discipline when it comes to timing, dress code and behavior in the workplace. If the employee fails to maintain this discipline, he leaves his employer with no choice but to fire him. 


  • Dishonesty:

Organizations are based on the transparency and honesty of their workers. If an employer finds out that his employee has been dishonest you cannot expect him to retain the worker. Instead, he will prefer to let him go rather than retain him. 


These are some of the major reasons why an employer fires an employee. There could be a lot more reasons as every organization if different from others. Despite this, we have put together the list of the most common factors. The firing decision lies wholly with the employers and this is why, it is important to understand it from an employers' point of view. If you are an employee or are looking for a job, be sure to avoid these mistakes. I hope this has helped you understand why an employee is fired, from an employers' point of view.