1. Does it cost me anything to make an account?

Individuals looking to create an account on my First Boss is free of cost.


2. How to create a new account?

Head onto the new user section and register yourself to create a new account.


3. Do my past employment details need to be entered?

For getting perfect matches to the job that you wish to apply for, we require your prior experience.


4. Can I apply for multiple positions?

Yes, you can apply for multiple jobs.


5. How is a job matching different from job search?

Yes, they are different. Job searching is based on the display of jobs that you want. Job matching is a cumulative display of results based on previous job searches by an AI engine.


6. Do I have to register if I wish to apply or a job?

Yes, you have to register if you want to apply for a job.


7. Can I apply for the same job posting again?

No, you cannot apply for the same job posting twice.


8. How do I get job searches based on my profile?

Click on the preferences tab such that job listings would be based on your profile.


9. Can the recruiter see all my details on my job profile?

No, based on your privacy settings, the recruiter may or may not be able to see all the information of your profile.


10. How do I search for jobs?

Click on the search bar and enter the type of job you required. Based on information and availability, the jobs will be showcased.


11. I have low job listings. How do I increase it?

Based on your work experience and your filtering of jobs, the available positions will be showcased.


12. Is it mandatory to enter my previous salary?

Yes, it provides us with a better chance of segregating job options for you. But this information remains only to us and isn’t showcased elsewhere.


13. Are my personal details protected?

All of the information that you enter while signing up stays private and aren’t shared with anyone.


14. How do I block a company?

Click on your account settings. Choose the option to block a particular company and enter the name.


15. How do I apply for jobs that match my profile?

Click on the apply button next to the job posting, and it will be applied for you.