How Good Should Your Persona And Your Language Be When You Choose Your First Job?


Post date: 2020-06-18 03:27:56


The Top traits that hiring authorities look into a fresh college graduate:


Problem-solving & Decision making:

Ability to adapt things quickly:

Personality does matter more in cracking job interview than you might think:

Why personality is as crucial as having the right expertise for a specific job role?

How to develop a good personality?

Final Thought



When you have started to apply for the jobs for the first time, it maybe looks overwhelming to figure out what skills and persona employers are looking for. It’s a real serious business. As a fresher’s it is not easy to figure out what you have to offer to a company or organization with your very limited professional experience. 


But no matter what position or in the sector you are looking for a place, there are few skills (both hard and soft) that will boost your Chace to grab your first opportunity. This article will let you give the idea about traits and abilities that recruiters, HR managers, and business owners look for the most. So, follow these tips to get ready to boost your application to a further level.


The Top traits that hiring authorities look into a fresh college graduate:




This is by far the most common skill that is mentioned by career experts that covers both verbal and written communication and of course listening. These skills affect each aspect of your professional career. Though it is your first job it is expected from you that you can share your ideas with your co-workers and for that communication skills are essential.

This skill is all about to be clear, concise, and focused on a situation or a problem and being able to convey your message to the audience and also be able to listen to the views of others. If you have feelings that your communication skill is not up to the mark, then improve on your communication skills today! That is the most crucial skill to set you apart from other job seekers. You can improve your communication skills drastically by following the tips;


Listen to understand

Read as much as you can

Watch movies with subtitles

Don’t interrupt people in between

Interact with people having good communication skills


Problem-solving & Decision making:


Hiring authorities will show much more interest in you if you are open to troubleshooting problems and has a logical and analytical approach to problem-solving than someone who must be guided in each step. If you can approach a problem with a different angle, then you must be a good choice for any company as a fresh grad. These skills set together to give you a way for identifying real issues, figuring them out, and finding out a course of action to fix them; this is beneficial for both the individual and the hiring company as it gives extra control on the work environment.

As a fresh college grad if you want to develop this skill, you may consider following these steps;

Recognize the problem

Explore the alternatives

Make a choice

Execute the choice

Estimate the results and, and if required start the process again


Ability to adapt things quickly:


As a newcomer, it is not expected that you have already learned each skill and expertise requirements for a certain job. Your employers and teammates will help you to cope up with your new responsibilities. But your proactive nature is highly appreciated here. Organizations need a candidate to be versatile. One has to adapt the technical knowledge that runs the company or organization within a few months after settle down in a new position. Intellectual curiosity is a highly acknowledged skill in a fresher.

Personality does matter more in cracking job interview than you might think:

But having only the right skills is not only enough to crack a job interview if you don’t have a perfect personality to match up the position. So, next time when you will go for an interview, don’t forget to brush up your personality along with your skillset. According to a survey in various recruitment sectors, personality ranked among the top three factors that most of the employers are looking into a job candidate.  

Your confidence is considered as one of the most important personality traits among prospective job seekers. Let us make a list for you to know which are the most and least desirable personality traits in a fresher, according to the 200 talent acquisition professionals. 

Most desirable

Least desirable












Why personality is as crucial as having the right expertise for a specific job role?


Even a few years ago, personality development does not hold much significance in career opportunities; and people mostly rely on their basic knowledge and qualification to get a dream job. However, today the situation has been changed. And personality plays an equal value role as experience and knowledge.

According to most HRs, when thrown in a job, most of the job candidates learn the required expertise easily if they have the basic skill set in them. So the factor that matters here is skills can be learned any time but the personality of a person will not change according to the work environment at least not very quickly or easily. To be a part of a team in a new company, a candidate’s work ethics, willingness to learn new things, charisma, honesty, and compatibility or adaptability with the rest of the team members are far more important.


How to develop a good personality?


Every college graduate has a unique personality, which can be developed, refined, and polished if required. It is not something that changes overnight. It will take a certain time and consistency. Here are a few tips, that you may follow to build up a strong personality;


Learn new things


Try to gain command in your specific zone

Think positive and adopt a positive approach in life

Be patient with the overall process.


Final Thought


When you are going for your first job, all your technical skills along with the basic soft skills may still need to be polished. End of the day, both your technical expertise along with your soft skills will help you to come out on the top of the crowd in your first job search. And as you have already understood the fact that your persona is equally important. As your good personality will make you more choosable over a slightly higher qualified unrefined personality.

Good luck!



  1. Is confidence a skill?

Confidence is often considered a "soft skill." As it can be learned and experienced.

  1. What do companies look for in a fresher?

Employers also prefer proactive candidates, good team players, someone who is ready to accept challenges and adapt things quickly.

  1. What do you say when you don't have job experience?

If you do not have any previous experience with a similar kind of job, admit it, show you can catch up, and highlight your most relevant strengths.