Sales Competency Analysis

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In order to have a sales person doing all functionalities in sales, S/he must have minimum 30 competencies and this is not possible to have in a one person. So the sales team can be divided into multiple layer. They are Pre-sales, sales closing, Account Manager and post sales. Competency requirement for each layer can be defined and check the skill sets of a person against each layer to determine where s/he can be the best fit.

In order to create a successful business model, we need to create multiple layers of sales force. For. E.g., some may be good in creating a network of people and create verbal rapport but may not be able to negotiate and close the sales. Such people can be placed in pre sales activities.

If someone is able to give good presentation and negotiate well but may not be able to  create a network of people , s/he can be placed in closing sales etc.. So, layering of the team is very important for business success. Each member in the team will be assessed on the following competencies in each layer.

The ComPAS tool can assess a person’s skills in all these layers and can indicate his/her best suited layer to work within the sales domain. The report also gives more insights on the person’s strengths, top competencies, how to behave with this person etc. It is a great report for sales domain. By doing this analysis, the company can achieve:

  • Increased Productivity,
  • Job Satisfaction,
  • Better Control,
  • Less Staff Turn Over,
  • Performance Excellence

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